Zenescope Co-Founder Ralph Tedesco Discusses COVID-19 Impact on Comics Publishing and Distributing

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Zenescope livestream interview 2020-04-16

Critical Blast has talked a lot with retailers during the COVID-19 induced industry shutdown that has impacted the comic book supply chain nationwide, even in states where stores are not facing mandatory closures.

But while the end-user impact is important, we also want to make sure we shine a spotlight onto how the shutdown -- specifically the Diamond Distribution shutdown, which services as the bottleneck for the entire logistics model of getting comic books from publishers to consumers -- has impacted the publishers that bring us our weekly dose of fantasy, horror, action, and every other genre of four-color entertainment.

Sitting down with us this time is Ralph Tedesco, co-founder of Zenescope Entertainment, publisher of such titles as GRIMM FAIRY TALES, ROBYN HOOD, WONDERLAND, and TALES OF TERROR, as we discuss how the franchise is coping and how it plans to emerge once things achieve a level of normalcy. See the video below for all the details.