Zachary Levi Attacked For Reminding Some Humans That Other People are Humans Too

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Zachary Levi post-election Tweet

Sometimes when an actor finishes a film, he or she retains a prop of some kind, a souvenir or memento they can look to in the future for a conversation piece.

Zachary Levi seems to have come away from his stint on SHAZAM with the coolest and most valuable vestige ever: The Wisdom of Solomon. (The superhero character more commonly known as Captain Marvel gains his powers by shouting out an acronym, which gains him the combined powers of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury.)

During the trying and tiring time of the last few days, as votes were being tabulated with deliberation and states were switching colors more slowly than leaves in autumn, Levi interected a thought onto Twitter -- a place designed ostensibly just for that purpose but, ironically, in abject opposition to the ideal on most days.

The tweet was in response to jubilant tweets supporting the Biden election while simultaneously dehumanizing the supporters of the outgoing Trump administration.

The tweet became a magnet for controversy, which should come as no surprise, social media being the piranha pit that it is. And it would be a sad commentary on the outlook of the citizenry if it weren't already well known that people really love to hate, and enjoy making war on a call for peace.

Never one to shy away from a good pig-pile when they see one, alleged comic book news site The Mary Sue, quickly dove in with accusations and admonitions to "read the room" before spiraling into a histrionic-laden agitprop piece about living in terror for the past four years. They also fall into their typical pedantic condescension of telling him to "listen when people are talking" (physician, heal thyself) before ultimately concluding that Levi was a literal defender of Nazis.

Reading the room is for people who don't have a solid grasp of their own beliefs and convictions. Zachary Levi has made many tweets in the past where he has been critical of Trump administration, making clear that he was anything but friendly to it. But to suggest that people treat each other with dignity? For that he's excoriated and vilified, another crucifixion on the cross of cancel culture.