12 Monkeys Meets 4 Friends in South Park's Post Covid Storyline

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South Park Post Covid

The South Park Pandemic Special and the subsequent South ParQ Vaccination Special saw our four heroes -- Stan, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny -- struggle (but not so much) with the impositions of the Covid-19 lockdowns. As things got more desperate and reached their apocalyptic conclusions, it resulted in the boys ending their mutual friendships and sharing custody of Kenny.

Now forty years later, the Covid restrictions are being lifted for good -- just as the news comes that Kenny McCormick, famed physicist and futurist, had found the root cause of Covid and a way to prevent it from ever happening. Sadly, this news comes at the same time as the news of Kenny's death. Now Stan is drawn back to the town of his childhood to reunite with Kyle, Tolkien, Wendy, and Rabbi Cartman as the only ones who might understand Kenny's last cryptic message to save the world -- and their broken friendships.

South Park Post Covid satirizes to the extreme things like vaccinations and bodily autonomy, corporate mergers, and the relationships people form with their electronic personal assistants (and how dysfunctional they can grow to become). It's an hilarious take on films like 12 Monkeys and Back to the Future, with plenty of laughs and plenty of storyline for fans to sit back and enjoy.

4.0 / 5.0