Red Dead Redemption Series Will Become Basis of History Course at U.S. University

RDD US History

On February 11, history professor Tore Olsson from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville announced that from August 2021 he would begin teaching a course called “Red Dead America” ​​at the university. The program will focus on American history from 1899 to 1911, and within its framework, the professor will use materials from the Red Dead Redemption series of games and demonstrate gameplay from time to time. The course attracted the attention of dozens of students.

Professor Olsson emphasized that there are many historical inaccuracies in the Rockstar Games products, but they can be a great starting point for anyone with an interest in US history. Interestingly, symbolically-rendered things like books, films, and games attract numerous people. If you are also interested in such an occurrence, check casinos for kiwis where you can find many themed games.


Here's How to Make the Most Out of Your Online Casino Routine

Here's How to Make the Most Out of Your Online Casino Routine

Casino and online gaming have been the new order after the outbreak of Covid-19. Those who have been playing it understand how essential it is. It has been a source of entertainment for the Polish as well somewhere that people can make money on the side.

We had a session with our online gaming expert, Jacek Michalski, click here, who emphasized that the past technological improvements have seen the industry grow to greater heights and given the players the best experience. The best aspect of casino gaming is that most games do not require sophisticated skills to play; even a newbie can play. Anyone needs to practice a little and start.

How much can you make from casino gaming?

Gaming is not just for fun, there is more than that. You can make the most of it by revisiting how you game, the type of games, and the site you play from. You can make millions from gaming alone.


Are you better Suited to Gala Casino’s Table Games or Slot Games?

Table Games or Slots?

Feeling like you need some gala experience to relax and have fun playing slots and card games? Sign up for an account at Gala Casino. Its name says it all—this is a place to loosen up as you play exciting video slots, jackpots and table games like roulette and poker.

For the best experience, consider specializing in either slots or table games. You can always both types of games. But find out which category suits you better below.

#1: You Like Simple Games—Slots

So, you love to play simple mobile games like Candy Crush Saga, Sudoku and Mini Metro? You’ll love slots. These arcade-style games feature a video screen that does most of the work. Your only job is to place a bet and press ‘Play.’

Depending on your bet size, a slot game can take anywhere from a few seconds to five minutes. Then the video screen stops to show you whether you’ve won or lost. With today’s video slots, the chances are much high.


How to Win More at a Casino?

Find Four Ways to Win More at Casinos

If you are keen on winning more at a casino, you will find our team's analysis quite useful and helpful.


TrainStation 2 Subtly Teaches Warehouse Management, Currency Exchange Trading

TrainStation 2

There are a number of ways my smart phone has become a sine qua non of my life. I can't recall what it was like to be unreachable anymore, simply because I was driving or otherwise not sitting by a landline. My smartphone responds to my voice when I need to know the answer to all the important questions of my existence -- like, "How do I get home from here?" and "What time does Wal-mart close tonight?" and "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" (If you've never asked that question, you really should!) Since sharing this technological miracle with my son, the phone has also begun to fill up with all kinds of driving games, aquarium simulations, and tap apps -- time-wasters, surely, a waste of the planet-sized computer brain inside the pocket-sized device.


How Effective is the Psychic as a Plot Device?

Psychic as Plot Device

No matter the genre of film or TV show, some tropes remain universal. One of these is the fortune-teller or the psychic. Such readers are consulted when characters are stuck. Or indeed when the plot itself doesn’t seem to move forwards. But how effective is the fortune teller as a plot device?


Which Next-Gen Gaming System is Right for You?

Samsung Galaxy Fold

When it comes to which gaming platform we like to play on, most of us need to first consider the cost. While some might be fortunate enough to be able to drop the cash for every system under the sun, the rest of us need to balance a whole range of factors to make the right choice. In this article, we want to investigate the most important parts, to help guide you into the right purchase for yourself or a lucky friend or family member.


Gravity Gaming Lounge Looted and Pillaged During Violent Raping of Kenosha Businesses

Gravity Gaming Lounge

It was a long, loud, and violent night for the residents of Kenosha. The citizens of the Wisconsin city on the shores of Lake Michigan, following the news and footage of the police shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake, may have thought they were prepsred for the protests that would come. After all, they had seen what had happened after the George Floyd incident in Minnesota, and in Ferguson after the Michael Brown shooting.

Riots were the expectation.

But sometimes reality overwhelms expectations. Such was the case for Victor Estill, founder of the Gravity Gaming Lounge, which posted the following on their Facebook page in the wake of the devastation.


Playing Cards And Card Games You Can Do While On Quarantine At Home

Playing Cards

Are you bored at home during quarantine?  Tired of scrolling through social media?  Is there nothing interesting to watch on TV?  If you said ‘yes’ to any of these questions, perhaps, a rousing game of cards will pique your interest. But, which card game should you play?

The following are three excellent card games you can play at home while on quarantine:


Crazy Eights

Before anything else, make sure that you have a complete set of playing cards at home. If not, you can buy online from trusted retailers. Use keywords, like ‘buy playing cards Australia,’ to help you find reputable online sellers.


First DC, Now Asmodee. How Many More Hits Can Diamond Take?


While the departure was announced on BoardGameGeeks back in March, the departure of game manufacturer Asmodee from Alliance Distribution has been one that has happened a bit silently.

Alliance Distribution is the games arm of Diamond Comics Distribution, which took a major hit when DC Comics pulled out of their distribution contract this spring, opting to shift their operations to Luna Distribution and UCS, which allowed them to get product to comics retailers well ahead of their competition, who were still hamstrung with Diamond's COVID-19 related shutdown of operations.


The Player: Is This Gambling Series Worth Watching?

The Player

There have been a lot of movies and television series that revolve around gambling. In most cases, these series lack an interesting storyline, and that makes them boring over time. There is a different television series that has a unique storyline but with all the gambling action jam-packed in it. 

The show is an action-packed, Vegas-set thriller called “The Player” and some wonder if it is worth watching. Here is a comprehensive review that will give you an idea of what to expect and if this gambling series is worth watching.

The Storyline

The Player is a gambling world series that has received global recognition for its unique storyline and stunning visuals produced by the production team. It is a series about gambling but not the conventional methods of placing bets at casinos but rather on the odds of criminal activities. 


COVID-19 Quarantine an Aggravation for Families, Game Manufacturers, a Payday for Investors

Board Game Shelf

"It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good," the expression goes, meaning that most bad situations are at least good for someone. Thus it is that with most events of impact, a canny person can predict where the money will flow and try to get ahead of it. The greatest example of this would be the baby boom; hindsight shows how this influx to the population caused economic grown in various markets as that demographic reached different stages -- baby supplies at first, fast food in their youth, durable goods in their adulthood, financial planning in their retirement years.


Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge Hits Like a Hard "R" G.I. Joe

Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge

MORTAL KOMBAT LEGENDS: SCORPION'S REVENGE opens, as one would expect, by presenting itself as the origin of Hanzo Hasashi (voiced by Patrick Seitz), a great warrior who returns to his village to find it completely eradicated, including his wife. His final vision before his death is the brutal murder of his young son.

Hasashi awakens in the Netherrealm, where he is about to be tortured for all eternity by a demon. But Hasashi's will is indomitable, and he manages to fight his way through an army of demons, to the door of Quan Chi (Darin De Paul), who offers Hasashi an opportunity to get his life and family back -- by obtaining the key to unlock Quan Chi's imprisoned master through a competition held between the many realms. The competition comes with an opportunity for revenge against the man who killed Hasashi's family. And so Scorpion is born.


5 Best Video Games with Casino Minigames

Far Cry 3 minigame

If you think about it, a lot of video games over the past few decades have included luck-based minigames with wagering, so the distance between video games and casino games have never really been that far apart. Some games take this even further by including actual interactive casinos within the game world, or make casino games more useful than a downtime distraction.


In this article, we’re going to look at five popular video games that also included traditional casino and card games.


The Sims 3

Sims 3 players can purchase the Lucky Simoleon Casino DLC, which not only adds an entire casino with blackjack and slot machines, it also adds a Gambling skill that will level up as your sim plays.



Super Sonic: Sega's Hedgehog Hero Comes Out a Winner

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

The face of Sega gaming races into theaters this weekend, and the studio execs have got to be crossing their fingers that they hit a home run with the fans. After early images of the CGI-rendered Sonic the Hedgehog were released to the public and met with universal scorn, production went back to the drawing board to get a redesign that was closer to the original version of the character.

They succeeded.

Sonic the Hedgehog came from another dimension, fleeing to this one as a hiding place when evil beings on his home wanted to take his power from him. It's a power he doesn't fully understand himself, but it manifests itself in super-speed. (Warner Brothers may want to push back THE FLASH another year after this.) He's been here for a while, living among the people in a small town, hiding from them. He knows them intimately, even though they don't know he's around.


Win Qubit's Quest for Xbox One

Qubits Quest  for Xbox One

Whether you’re an avid gamer or an enthusiastic rookie, MARS wants you to have fun. So they've built a truly immersive lightgun gaming experience that you’ll love to play over and over again.


All You Need to Know About Super Bowl LIV

Hard Rock Stadium

The Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens will stage the Super Bowl LIV. Photo: AJ Lipp

The countdown is on for the Super Bowl LIV, the 54th Super Bowl and the 50th championship game in the modern-day era of the National Football League (NFL). The location has already been set for Super Bowl LIV, with Florida’s Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens set to celebrate the seventh decade of Super Bowl action. It will be the sixth Super Bowl staged in Miami Gardens, with Super Bowl XLIV the last time it was staged in this region of South Florida.


Mars Lightcon Game for Xbox One: Voyage of the Dead

Load up and get ready to your game monitor.

Critical Blast is giving away one package of Mars Lightcon's IR shooter game, VOYAGE OF THE DEAD, which includes:


Gamergate, Too: Zoe Quinn's Statements Undermined by...Zoe Quinn

Zoe Quinn vs Zoe Quinn

Zoe Quinn is no stranger to controversy. One might even argue her entire career has been built on the house-of-cards foundation of accusations of sexism and abuse, setting her up as a heroic overcomer in the male-dominated industries of video games and comic books.

But Internet controversy turned to real life consequences barely two weeks ago when Quinn took to Twitter to make public accusations against former fellow game designer, Alec Holowka, claiming sexual abuse and false imprisonment. The immediate fallout for Holowka -- the loss of his career and the shattered public perception -- drove a man who already suffered from emotional troubles to take his own life.

#MeToo had been successfully weaponized--and the weapon was deadly.


Murder by Media? How Cyberbullying Led to Game Designer's Suicide

Quinn, Holowka

Just short of two years ago, Zoe Quinn was being celebrated as having overcome online harassment to go on and become a game designer on a hotly aniticipated indy game project with Chuck Tingle. (Editor's Note: The crowdfunded game has yet to be delivered and is currently over two years late in fulfillment.) She was the model of the underdog who wouldn't give in to online trolls.

Six days ago, Quinn recalled sexual abuse details from an old relationship with fellow game designer, Alec Holowka. Instead of taking these details to the police for investigation, Quinn chose to air the accusations through her Twitter account, @UnburntWitch.


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