Elephantastic! Emotionally Evocative Children's Work

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When Timbo, a stuffed elephant, arrived at Andrew's apartment, he was thrilled -- especially when Timbo starts talking to him! Together, this pair of new friends set off on adventures of imagination... which all too soon come to an end when Andrew learns the package that brought Timbo to him was meant for his neighbor, Louise.

ELEPHANTASTIC! is a gorgeously told and illustrated story from Michael Engler and Joelle Tourlonias. It is emotionally evocative of both Milne and Watterson, and expertly communicates through the artwork the overlay of the imaginary over the reality. When Andrew learns the truth, the reader is just as crestfallen as the child -- and they simultaneously share in his elation when the story reaches its heartwarming conclusion.

Friendship and sharing are the core lessons to be found in ELEPHANTASTIC! However, it's told in such a disarming fashion that younger readers may not even realizing they're learning something. Eloquent storytelling and brimming with charm, ELEPHANTASTIC! earns a hearty recommendation for readers aged 4 thru 8 (and a few in their upper forties as well).

5.0 / 5.0