TeeFury Leggings - Argyle Rocks!

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TeeFury started offering leggings a few weeks ago. I have tons of TeeFury shirts and have watched them expand like a rabbit family over the last year or so. Their original, simple concept is a winning one. If you've never bought a shirt from TeeFury, the idea is most shirts are only offered for that day and are designed by fans. Many times the shirts are cross-geekdom and completely irresistable. As an added bonus, the price is perfect. A standard size shirt is $11 and shipping is usually only a few bucks. For less than $20, you have these cleverly designed shirts that are unique and rare. Then they started expanding their merchandise by offering Women’s and Toddler sizes. More recently, TeeFury starting offering custom sneakers, posters and, the aforementioned, leggings.

I love a good pair of leggings, but I don’t generally love the prices. Gold Bubble and Black Milk have these amazingly designed leggings, but as soon as I see the prices, I run in the other direction. I am a family woman and a teacher. Oddly enough neither of those things has made me financially wealthy, so spending $70-$120 on some stretchy leg wrappings isn’t all that appealing. That’s why when TeeFury released their geek theme leggings for $35, I was totally on board. Initially, they had two designs, Argyle Fighters and Who’s Cute, Star Wars and Doctor Who styles, respectively. They have added four more since then, Moon Wands, Wonder Bomb, Magic Spells, and In the Tall Grass. All the designs are quite stylish and vibrant. If you want to make an impact when entering a room, this is definitely one way to do it!

I purchased the Argyle Fighters print, mostly because I love Ian Leino’s designs.  He consistently creates epic, unique, beautiful designs and I already owned many of his TeeFury shirts. If you aren’t familiar with his work, definitely look him up. Outside of original, clever ideas, his designs are also visually stunning and well crafted. When I saw the leggings with the Argyle print incorporating TIE fighters, how could I resist? And for the $35 price point, it was a win-win situation.

The leggings, themselves, are nice quality. The design is sharply printed and fits true-to-size. I bought a large. They are perfect in length and around my thighs, which is no small feat. I did see a bit of a white fade from the stretch around my legs, but it wasn’t terribly noticeable. As an added bonus, there were no knee imprints by the end of the day! Since I sit in all sorts of crazy positions, I’m usually rocking the knee stretch by midday. As well, they are like nerd camouflage. Majority of people didn’t even notice that leggings were anything other than a crazy Argyle pattern and, the people who did take note, fawned all over them. They are the perfect mix of geek and casual.

TL; DR: Overall, definitely worth the price! Crazy geeky style for a reasonable cost, which is rare to see nowadays.

4.5 / 5.0