Superman Will be Tormented in Batman V. Superman

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In an exclusive interview clip, provided to via Lary King Now, Michael Shannon offers some inside information regarding his role in Batman v Superman. And it doesn't involve flippers, as he once suggested.

Being under a lot of pressure to reveal secrets about his role in the film, Shannon offered up a quote that led many rumor mongers to shotgun speculation all over the internet. During his interview with Larry King, he admitted to essentially trolling everyone. Then he went on to compare his role in BATMAN V SUPERMAN to that of Russell Crowe's Jor-El as 'kind of like a ghost'.

Rather than actually being a ghost, Shannon suggests that he'll be haunting the man of steel's thoughts and causing nightmares.

Zod's haunting of Superman makes perfect sense. One of the things that people complained about, regarding 2013's MAN OF STEEL, was that there were no repercussions for what Superman did. No accountability.

Superman is faced with a tough decision

When faced with a choice between saving the lives of his adopted planet or sparing the life of a murderer (who also happened to be the last surviving member of his own race), Superman chose the former. It was a very real and heart-wrenching moment in the movie and to pretend like he wasn't traumatized by it would be foolish.

As MAN OF STEEL ended, we saw Superman toying with General Swanwick and being comfortable in his role as the most powerful man on the planet. There was an air of confidence, even arrogance, some would say. Even though we just saw him crying in the arms of Lois Lane, after brutally snapping Zod's neck, he wasn't brooding or demonstrating any signs of remorse. That doesn't mean that in private, he wasn't battling his own demons. Tormented by the consequence of his actions.

Many of us put up a wall, to protect the ones we care about from seeing any signs of depression or sadness. Our pride prevents us from displaying signs of weakness. Zack Snyder has said, time and again, he's telling real stories about superheroes. Not superhero stories.

This new revelation should actually help build onto Man of Steel and enhance the emotional weight of Superman's decision.

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