Ahsoka Series Promises an Heir to the Empire

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The Star Wars celebration is dropping some amazing news and fans have every reason to be excited!


A teaser trailer was dropped for the upcoming series AHSOKA, premiering in August on Disney+ and it’s full of action and easter eggs, as a good teaser trailer should! The ‘Fandom Menace’ will be cautiously optimistic about the announcement of Admiral Thrawn in the trailer as well as calling him the “Heir to the Empire”. Long-time fans will remember the highly acclaimed series written by Timothy Zahn many years ago. It was once considered the official sequel trilogy after the original trilogy had been completed.


That was before Lucasfilm was purchased by Disney and they promptly delegated the Zahn books as “Legends” and not official Star Wars canon. But as time marches on and the need rises for quality stories, Disney has decided to dip into the fan favorite character who has plans to restore the Empire to its former glory. As part of his plan, Thrawn clones the deceased Jedi Master Jorus C’Baoth and I’m speculating that Jorus is in the trailer as we see an older Jedi wielding a red saber, played by actor Ray Stevenson. According to IMDb, Stevenson’s character is currently unknown.


On top of all that goodness, we get scene after glorious scene featuring live action versions of the characters from Star Wars Rebels: Hera, Sabine, Chopper, and more! And while Ezra Bridger isn’t in the teaser, he’s played by Emam Esfandi who looks exactly how you’d think an older Ezra would. And we’ve already seen Zeb in a recent episode of THE MANDALORIAN so it looks like AHSOKA will double as a continuation of that series.


Take a look at the teaser trailer and let us know what you think!