Jake Makes Rank in The Great Never Sea Conquest

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Captain Jake Never Sea Conquest Disney Junior Pirates

Disney Junior Buccaneer Jake and his crew of Neverland Pirates are in for another adventure when Captain Hook looks for the treasure of the shipwrecked Colossus when, at the same time, the mer-wizard Lorth Fathom (Malcolm McDowell) escapes his imprisonment and looks to take over the Never Sea. In fact, it may be more than Jake and his crew can handle -- so they get help from Captain Flynn (Josh Duhamel), Captain Frost (Harland Williams) and Captain Beatrice Le Beak (Teri Hatcher).

As Lord Fathom takes control of the sea life through the use of a magic emerald, Jake must rally the forces to fight as one. And in this time of need, Jake's Destiny Sword undergoes a transformation, becoming a Mighty Captain's Sword, altering Jake's wardrobe in the process. He's now officially Captain Jake, and his sword possesses all kinds of new abilities -- including flight! (No more need for that pixie dust for him!) And when his ship, Bucky, is damaged in the fight, the sword puts out a burst of magic and finds him another ship suited for the task of taking on this great evil -- by raising the Mighty Colossus from the depths!

Taking advice from King Neptune, Jake directs his crew into battle with Lord Fathom, ultimately defeating the wizard...for now.

This Disney Junior DVD includes additional episodes of Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates, including:
-- Into the Heart of Coldness / The Remarkable Beardini!
-- Escape from Ghost Island / The Island of Doctor Undergear
-- Rise of the Pirate Pharaoh / The Golden Hook

And there are more bonus episodes after that, in a separate menu option:
-- Mystery of the Mighty Colossus / The Doubloon Monsoon
-- Shark Attack! / Captain Hook's Colossal Collision

And just to bring the fun off the screen and into your hands, this case also includes a paper punch-out model of Jake's sailing vessel! (You might want to have a grown-up help put it together -- and don't be afraid to use tape or glue.)

Set sail with CAPTAIN JAKE AND THE NEVER LAND PIRATES: THE GREAT NEVER SEA CONQUEST for a new chapter in the ongoing adventures of Hook's pipsqueak pirate rivals.

Previews in this release include the trailer for Disney's latest theatrical release, ZOOTOPIA.

4.5 / 5.0