The Original Queens of Comedy in a Never Before Seen TV Special

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Carol Burnett and Lucille Ball delighted audiences for years; Burnett by way of her variety show and Ball with her sitcom. Now, for the first time ever, audiences will enjoy their talents simultaneously in the never before seen CAROL+2: THE ORIGINAL QUEENS OF COMEDY!

Before Carol Burnett could begin her career as a prime time star, the last major step occurred in 1966. CBS promised Burnett her own special if she could deliver a big star. As the story goes, she hesitantly phoned one of her biggest influences: Lucille Ball. Her reply?

"When do you need me there?"

From the press release:

Airing on March 22, 1966, Carol + 2 united two zany redheads with the always unpredictable Broadway dynamo Zero Mostel for an hour of comedy and song.  From Carol's familiar earlobe-tug gesture to comic sketches and musical numbers and a rousing finale, home audiences will get an early window into things to come for Burnett.  Carol's wedding anniversary sketch with Mostel points to future moments with Harvey Korman.  She offers a variation of her beloved Charwoman character when she and Lucy clean up at the William Morris Agency as imaginary "charwomen of the board" of showbiz central, finishing with a duet on the spirited Chutzpah.  This was the second televised appearance of the Charwoman, who became a staple of the series and icon of its animated opening.  The first, included here in a bonus sketch, was on Carol's 1963 special, Carol & Company.

CAROL+2: THE ORIGINAL QUEENS OF COMEDY will be available on DVD on May 17th, 2016. Included on the DVD will be the 1972 CBS television movie ONCE UPON A MATTRESS, a hilarious twist on the tale: Princess and the Pea. In MATTRESS, Carol Burnett reprises her 1959 Tony-nominated Broadway debut role as Princess Winifred Woebegone. The DVD has a total run-time of 277 minutes and will easily be a favorite addition to your collection.

Over the years I have enjoyed watching THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW, as it was on that show that I was introduced to the genius of Tim Conway. Between the sketches and Carol's occasional singing, the show was highly entertaining. And no one can question the hilarity that ensued on Lucille Ball's I LOVE LUCY show. I still have a re-run of the episode where Superman makes an appearance on my DVR.

If you enjoy classic comedy, or know someone in your life who would, this never before seen comedy special is a must have.