John Kasich (R-Muggles) In Negative Campaign Against Harry Potter

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John Kasich v Harry Potter

It seems that Republican Don Kasich was in a bookstore in New Hampshire recently, campaigning for Chris Sununu. Apparently Sununu must be running against Daniel Radcliffe -- odd, since Radcliffe is (a) British and (b) too young to hold office -- because Kasich took the opportunity to seemingly campaign against the actor based on his (rather old) declaration of atheism.

The statement came seemingly from nowhere (or did a library patron whisper a hushed Confundo?), and led into a post hoc ergo propter hoc argument that it might be behind Radcliffe "not taking off" in the movie industry -- you know, after 8 megablockbusters. See the video below and experience the discomfort of the patrons around him as he babbled.

Yes, you heard that right -- he transitioned right into the Olympics without missing a beat or using a segue. Can someone please escort grandpa to get his medication?

In an unconfirmed response, Radcliffe may or may not have given the following quote when hearing the Kasich comments.