Fighting Crime, Fighting Time: CW Converts Frequency into Cop Series

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Frequency debuts on the CW Wednesday, October 4

Raimy Sullivan (Peyton List) is a police officer celebrating her 28th birthday. But for the past 20 years she's lived under a cloud. Her father, Frank Sullivan (Riley Smith), also a policeman, was killed days after her 8th birthday. The story was that he was so deep undercover that he forgot what side he fought for.

When a lightning storm reactivates her father's ham radio (you have to love lightning; that's two series now on CW that rely on it as a kick starter), Raimy finds herself talking to someone who claims to be Frank Sullivan. As the two converse the next few nights, it becomes undeniable to either of them that they are indeed conversing across the space of twenty years. And with that, you have the new CW series, FREQUENCY.

Raimy only shares the facts of the radio with her boyfriend, Daniel (Daniel Bonjour), who has several theories as to why he finds her story believable. But the thrust of the drama is the criminal case that Frank is working -- the Nightingale murders, which left a string of dead nurses in 1996. It's a cold case that Raimy has also been putting effort into when a body from that time period gets discovered. Does Frank have the clues Raimy needs to solve the case? And can she get them from him before he's gunned down and labeled a disgraced cop ever after?

The original Dennis Quaid/Jim Caviezel film was an intriguing self-contained movie. But is there enough of a plot germ there to spawn a series? Surprisingly, yes, there is, and the series writers have an exciting way of pulling it off, with ramifications and consequences that will keep the overarching plot fluid and dynamic. Every episode has the potential to change the backdrop for the next episode. It's like a "flashpoint" every week, for those who follow CW's other lightning-charged, time-travel series, THE FLASH (which also, coincidentally, features Peyton List on occasion, as the criminal rogue Golden Glider).

FREQUENCY premieres Wednesday, October 5, right after the season premiere of ARROW. Tune in!

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