"Last Call": Official Trailer for Destiny 2 Coming Soon!

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Information regarding the highly anticipated sequel to the popular game, DESTINY, has been slowly rolling out. Today we got a 'teaser' announcing the release date for the trailer to DESTINY 2!

Lately, trailers are becoming just as important as the actual thing, so the trend is to issue a 'teaser' to announce the trailer for something big approaching. While it was pitched as a teaser, this feels more like a cut scene in the game.

Cayde-6 (voiced by Nathan Fillion) is telling a story about an attack that he survived. It's revealed that his banter is reserved for an audience of one, a maintenance droid who happens to be sweeping up the remains of the bar that Cayde-6 is in. Panning out the place is falling apart all around him in flames.

A sign of things to come?

Among other things I'd like to see, I'm really hoping that the Tower will be in ruins and available as a playable map in the Crucible. Rumor has it the game will be released on September 8th of this year and with the official trailer dropping in 2 days, it's just a matter of time before we see glimpses of what to expect. The announcement of the trailer comes on the same day Bungie released the AGE OF TRIUMPH update, enhancing DESTINY one last time before the sequel drops.

Check out the teaser and then be sure to keep your eyes open for the official trailer due out on March 30th!

Leave your comments below on what you hope to see in DESTINY 2 and feel free to share what system you play on.