Zoinks! Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc Gang Battle LEGO Ghost Pirates in Blowout Beach Bash!

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The Mystery Inc gang is back in another hair-raising (or hair-popping-off) adventure. Set in the wonderfully self-referential world of LEGO, SCOOBY-DOO: BLOWOUT BEACH BASH finds the gang trying to take a break from mystery solving, with Fred and Velma trying to overcome their square personas after Daphne and Shaggy have teased them about being unable to have fun. Their quest leads them to a beach celebration, where the two coolest teens are crowned "Captains of the Bash" for having led the other teens in having the most fun. It's a musical adventure straight out of a Frankie Avalon / Annette Funicello flick.

Unfortunately, the boardwalk is finding itself under attack by a pair of ghost pirates from the past, which isn't good for business for either the greedy land developer who's buying up the boardwalk, or for Mr. and Mrs. Holdout who run the Holdout Inn and refuse to sell it. Think you know who the mystery bad guy is already? You'll have to think again.

Okay, so the solving of the mystery isn't exactly something that Sherlock would get called in on (but if they ever do a SHERLOCK in LEGO, I'm going to be first in line), but it's still a good time for young viewers. The characters all know that their world is made of LEGO bricks, and the dialogue often refers to construction. ("These buildings are so old, we've lost the instructions."). The voice cast is impeccable, featuring two of the gods of voice acting, Frank Welker as both Fred and Scooby, and Grey DeLisle as Daphne. Velma is voiced by the ever-adorkable Kate Micucci, and Matthew Lillard continues to fully embrace the identity of Shaggy, for which fans should ever be grateful.

This Blu-ray combo pack comes with a DVD and a digital download of the feature, maximizing your ability to view it anywhere, on any device. The Blu-ray also includes a handful of LEGO shorts featuring the Mystery Inc gang of "meddling kids" and their dog.

I'm hopeful that this adventure will be accompanied by a LEGO set of the characters. We have a beach section of our LEGO table that's all set to have a blowout bash with Scooby and the gang.

4.0 / 5.0