Rockstar and Bungie Create KILLER Crucible Challenge for Destiny 2

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Everyone crying that there's no incentive to play Destiny 2, just got a swift kick in the codpiece.

The End-Game just got real.

Over the course of the next 45 days, players have the chance to register and compete for REAL prizes by playing Crucible. With a leaderboard that features the top 50 players across 3 platforms (XBOX, Playstation, and PC), the challenge is on.

Prizes include a Destiny 2 themed Husqvarna motorcycle, ALIENWARE merchandise, and the collector's edition of the game featuring a wearable frontier bag.

You can compete in competitive or quickplay matches and each match completed nets you 25 points and every kill/assist is worth 1 point.

The advantage will be held by players who invest hours on end to compete as the most points will be awarded to games played. While this doesn't help out the casual gamer (like myself) it provides the necessary motivation for the hardcore gamers, who have been complaining, to shut up and play.

The casual gamer won't stand a chance to land in the top 50, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't try. The more participation Bungie sees, the greater chance of getting more events in the future.

It would've been nice to see 5 or 10 points added to your total for a victory, so it's not just about logging game time. But this is a great first start. And the partnership with Rockstar energy drinks allows you to stay up all night and collect 25 points per game completed.

You can see the leaderboard updating at the official website here.

Grab your fireteam, gear up, and grind that crucible.