You Need Kendall Gary's "Your Love" (VIDEO)

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Kendal Gary Your Love

We first introduced you to country music ingenue Kendall Gary a few months back with the release of her video, Head Held High.

Hot on the heels of that, and in advance of her summer album release, the Lewisville, Texas singer -- who began her training in opera before settling into country -- is ready to melt hearts with her new single, Your Love.

Kicking off with the evocative pop and sizzle that comes from playing a vinyl album, Gary immediately provides comfort to classic music fans before the first note is even played, slowly fading out of the record sound as this slow dance love song washes over the listener, seductive in its verses and slowly burning its way into a broken syncopation of a bridge that increases steadily in tempo and sound, from pianissimo to allegro, until ultimately reaching a satisfying climax.

“This love song is about the feelings you get when you are with that certain someone," says Kendall about Your Love.  "They make you feel a certain way and it’s difficult to explain, but you never want that feeling to go away. The combination of all these allowed me to write a one-of-a-kind love song, that you can relate to the one special person in your life.”

We think you'll feel the same way after listening to the song, so we're providing the video below. Enjoy.


4.5 / 5.0