Best New Artists of 2018

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New Artists of 2018

Each year, new names emerge in the music industry. Some of these new names soon become household names while others will scatter into oblivion after just one hit song. While we don’t know what the future holds for each and every one of the following artists, all we know at this point is that these are the best new artists of 2018. If you encounter an artist you haven’t heard of on this list, then you can simply visit cresus casino to play profitable games and earn that extra cash to purchase their songs online.


We came to know of Bassette when she featured on a track done by Joe Hertz. Her part in the song reminded one of the soulful Amy Winehouse voice. Probably inspired by the rave reviews she received after the release of the Joe Hertz song, Bassette decided to release her own tracks (three) this year. All of them are soulful songs which remind one of the glorious old days when life was smooth sailing. If Bassette continues on the right path with the right support, then she is definitely one to watch out for in the future.


Anteros is a pop band comprising of two males and two females. Anteros’ popularity started rising towards the end of last year when they featured at a number of festivals in the US. However, their stock rose sharply in 2018 owing to two main things. Firstly, the band decided to release its own tracks with an original sound that have excited a lot of pop fans. Secondly, Anteros decided to go global in 2018 featuring at musical festivals outside of the US. Having promised to release an album soon, fans are eagerly expecting to hear how it sounds. If the album is anything like the singles that the band has released, then the sky is definitely not the limit for Anteros.


The Finnish pop star, Alma announced her entry on the big stage towards the end of last year when she released Chasing Highs and Phases. The Phases track features French Montana. These two singles highlighted that a star is in the making and this was reinforced when she released her album this year which is a massive success. With her own accent and voice, the colourful Alma is certainly one of the biggest new artists of the year and the future looks very bright for her.