10 Most Favorite Students' Superhero Movies and TV Shows

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Students Watching Television

Superhero movies are mostly seen as overly expensive special effects flicks that carry a fraction of artistic value. Nevertheless, even through their simplified narrative, superhero movies and tv shows point out the value of friendship, positive attitude, and persistence towards achieving a goal. All these messages are vital for college students because they can provide a guideline for overcoming the challenges of academic life.

We asked students for their opinion, and here is a list of 10 favorite superhero flix among college students.

The Magicians

Some students refer to this 5-season TV show as Narnia and Harry Potter having a child that goes to college. Placed in the real world and several parallel universes, The Magicians leads us through the adventures of a group of Brakebills University school of magic students. Young magicians have to battle mythical creatures and solve a series of quests to restore the world they usually mess up unintentionally. 


A show about young Superman and his struggle to control his superpowers as he deals with common teenage problems like studying, relationships, and finding his place on Earth. The show is off the air since 2011 but thanks to online services, watching old episodes of Smallville is as easy as ordering an essay by edubirdie. The show answers a lot of questions regarding the origins of Superman’s rivalry with Lex Luthor and the start of his writing career at Daily Planet. College students enjoy this show because they can relate to joggling between studying, preparing for college, and social life challenges that trouble the main characters.

Avengers franchise

All of the popular Marvel characters played by some of the most talented Hollywood superstars placed in one franchise packed with action, amazing costumes, and witty dialogs. Averaging 2.5 hours per movie, the Avengers series offers a perfect stay-at-home weekend solution. Combined with movies about individual characters, this franchise holds an amazing movie marathon potential.


What happens when a high school kid decides to put on a costume and fight crime in the night after finishing his homework? Kick-Ass is a movie about a kid with no superpowers, but whose decisive spirit inspires others to join his struggle to make the world a bit safer. If you have nothing to do and you're in the mood for some laughs and well-directed action scenes, you should check this movie out. 

X-Men franchise

One of the best-rated franchises among students, the X-men series of movies shows the obscure world of mutants living among us and fighting their way to equality. Apart from stellar acting performance, X-men let you enjoy astonishing special effects, exciting action scenes, and a few sexy costumes. Online message boards are filled with discussions regarding individual mutant origins, strengths, and comparisons between the original cast and the new generation.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The early 90s TV Show has left such a strong impact on popular culture that it’s massing a huge fanbase even today. A group of teenagers from Angel Grove meet an alien robot and interdimensional being called Zordon that gives them the ability to harness the power of ancient mechanical animals called Zords. Power Rangers fight a series of villains like Rita, Zed, and many more while trying to keep their identities a secret.

The Dark Knight trilogy

One of the best movie adaptations of the popular DC comic stars Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne while he tries to find himself and later save his city from the clutches of corrupt government and crime lords. Loads of custom-built gadgets, a brilliant acting performance by the cast, and expensive production make any of the movies within the trilogy a perfect Saturday night fun at the college dorm.

TMNT - Out of the Shadows

Popular teenage mutants finally got the theatrical version they deserve through Dave Greens directing. Carefully balanced practical and CGI effects, along with Megan Fox, appeal to the teenage audience unlike any other movie or TV show of the genre. The story follows the battle between TMNT and Shredder, his mutants, and a creature from the Dimension X called Krang.




Placed in an alternative reality, Watchmen tells a story about superheroes being hunted and rejected for their violent ways. As one group tries to settle down, the other is massing up for a revolution. This causes a clash of two groups presented in the latest HBO production, highly rated among college and high school students.

Doom Patrol

Timothy Dalton plays The Chief, a moody scientist that brings together a group of individuals that suffered terrible accidents which caused them to adopt superpowers. Chief trains the group of reluctant heroes to save reality from the evil Mr. Nobody. The show is filled with dark humor, anticlimactic battles, and everything you'd usually not expect from superheroes. 


We hope you like our list of movies and TV shows as much as we enjoyed compiling it for you. Let us know in the comments if your college days were enriched by some other superhero flix. Even if you’re not a diehard fan of this genre, check out some of the titles in your spare time, you won't regret it. 

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