A Public High School Supports Cosplay as a Hobby for Students: Why?

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Cosplay High School Activity

Cosplay has been around for some years and it begins to gain more and more momentum. There are cosplay events that are organized around the world and not only. Dressing up as a character from your favorite book, movie, tv shows, or video game can seem to some people as an activity that does not come with any benefits. But there are many schools, especially from the Philippines that organize school events where students perform and present their costumes. Cosplay is a nice hobby students can have and organizing this kind of event not only in high schools but also in college could be a nice and relaxing activity. But why do some public high schools support cosplay as a hobby for students?

Students Improve Their Organizational Skills to Write Essay

One reason a public high school is supporting cosplay as a hobby for students is that they can improve their organizational skills. These are important not only for their high school life but also for their future career. Most of the time, students are organizing cosplay events by themselves. Besides, they also need to organize their time and prepare their props by themselves, which is also a time-consuming and full of effort activity. We can say that to write essay is a challenging experience too. You need to research, find your topic, and write the essay by yourself. And sometimes, the topic or the requirements can be pretty challenging. To get help, students can get essay from this service and pursue their education. But they can also improve their organizational and planning skills by organizing a cosplay event.

Team Work

Another reason why a public school is supporting cosplay as a hobby for students is because they are required to work in teams. Some of them are also involved in the organization of the event, so they need to collaborate towards achieving a common goal. Learning how to work in a team and adapt to unpredicted situations is important and it is something they can easily learn.

Moreover, some students design and craft their cosplay costumes in groups and help each other. This is an important skill many adults lack: being able to work in a team and collaborate fruitfully with other colleagues. They often perform cosplay choreographies as a group, so they need to practice beforehand to make sure everything is fine. At all cosplay events organized within high schools, there is a jury and some prizes, so they are motivated to have a great performance.


Cosplay is a nice hobby to have and, in those schools, where it is encouraged, it comes with a boost of creativity for many students. You need creativity not only when crafting your cosplay costume, but also when you study. You need creativity when you write your essay and assignments, so students benefit a lot from these cosplay events and activities they are engaging in. To craft a costume that is a 100% reproduction of the original one is expensive, so many students choose to reuse or recycle some of the materials they have access to. They trigger their creativity by brainstorming and finding solutions to the obstacles they encounter, which is a nice exercise that will be useful later in life.

They Learn to Support Each Other

One of the most amazing and heartwarming reasons why a public high school is supporting cosplay as a hobby for students is because it is a nice way to learn how to support each other. Being part of a cosplay event organized within the school teaches students how to encourage and stand beside each other.

Not all of them will manage to create great performances or cosplay costumes, but all of them are supported by fellow students. They are not judged or pointed at as being ugly or unsuccessful. Every failure comes with a lesson, one that many students will learn. Even though cosplay can seem a hobby that does not come with many benefits, there is a public high school that has acknowledged them all.


Cosplay is a nice hobby that has thousands of adepts around the world. Even though we mostly see cosplay events and adults that are being part of them, this hobby might get born during high school. There is a public high school in the Philippines which is supporting this hobby many students have. They are allowed and encouraged to organize a cosplay event and also craft their costume and props. Students improve their organizational and time management skills; they learn how to collaborate and work in a team. And maybe the most important thing is that they learn how to be supportive and encouraging towards each other.


Michael Turner is an essay and assignment writer. He has been a fan of cosplay since he was in high school. His favorite video game is the Legend of Zelda.