Boardgames and Comics: How Close Are They?

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Board Games as Comics

Do Board Games Make for Good Comics Stories?

Comics and board games don't mingle well, or do they? Well, there are numerous examples to the contrary. Marvel's Ultimate Champions and Dice Throne are two fantastic examples that exemplify how comics can inspire board games and vice versa.

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Players will be quite thrilled to know that there are tons of different game scenarios you can experience and enjoy if you know where to look, and this is precisely what Bonus Finder does for you. But back to the topic of board games and comics, there are some fantastic examples of how the two mingle!

Dice Throne – The Upcoming Comic Stories

Dice Throne is an amazing board game that is styled after a traditional Yahtzee gameplay. The game requires you to pick a character, roll dice and use your abilities and cards to produce the most damage to an opponent. Well, the gameplay already sounds awesome, but what if we told you there is an actual comic book to the board game.

The creators found Dice Throne’s world so immersive that they have started releasing comic books to complement the gameplay, add some life to the characters, and make them more believable. Well, they have succeeded!

Marvel's Ultimate Champions: The Other Way Around

Marvel's characters were heroes before they became board games, but this is beyond the point. It is important here that you can enjoy a fantastic world both as a comic book and even more so as a board game.

Marvel's Ultimate Champions is an awesome card game where you team up with other Marvel Champions. You have the ultimate showdown against bosses and foes who will cast all sorts of awesome abilities back at you and give you a challenging scenario time and again. It's a fun way to spend your time and worth every moment you clock in on the game.

Dead of Winter: The Comic Book

Yes, Dead of Winter is one of the best survivalist board games out there, and there is a good reason for that. The fun Co-Op mode with the zombie theme baked into it makes for the ultimate strategy/co-op game, similar to Left 4 Dead and other popular zombie apocalyptic stories.

The best bit about the game – outside of its sterling gameplay – is that it's been turned into a comic book, and that makes it even more fun to enjoy. You have an entire world unfolding right alongside your board game adventure, and that is definitely a worthwhile and valuable experience to appreciate.

Do All Comic Books Turn into Board Games?

Not really! But this is beyond the point. While there have been a few attempts that ended up in failure, this is no reason for you to despair as there are plenty of awesome initiatives based on comic books and board games, and they are often the same!