A Beginner's Guide to Competitive Gaming

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Competitive Gaming 1

Competitive games or eSports are video games suitable for all kinds of gamers, may it be hardcore or casual gamers. eSports has significantly found itself a special spot in the gaming industry since the 2010s. So much so that numerous game developers are enticed to design and provide funding for related game events.

Primarily, gaming has been made for fun and entertainment purposes only. But nowadays, the gaming world is considered a money-making industry. So, if you’re curious about it, here’s a guide about competitive gaming and how to become one.

Types of eSports

As a beginner, one of the most important things that you need to learn is the different types and features of eSports. Some of the games that you can play competitively are games based on anime, especially the graphics, videography, and storyline. That’s why a lot of people are attracted to playing it.

What’s good about eSports is that there’s a wide range of game genres to choose from. Here are some of the types of competitive games so you know what kind of game suits you.

  • PvP (Player versus Player)

From the term itself, a PvP game basically involves a player competing against another player. This is also known as 1 vs. 1. This type of eSport is suitable when you opt to play with one of your friends or your sibling.

  • RTS (Real-time Strategy)

A real-time strategy (RTS) is game a type of PvP game in which both parties receive the same resources. Each player must then strive to build a stronger base and defend it while launching attacks against the opponent's base at the same time.

  • FPS (First-person Shooter)

This type of competitive game is one of the most popular ones right now. FPS games allow the gamer to play through the perspective of the character in the virtual world. Examples of this are Valorant and Call of Duty (COD).

  • MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)

Aside from FPS, MOBA games are also one of the most desirable eSport platform among gamers. This is a type of RTS game, but it involves the formation of teams. Each team is expected to coordinate and strategize among themselves for them to successfully guard their base. A great example of this is League of Legends (LOL) and Mobile Legends (ML), which can be played in different mediums like mobile phones, consoles, or PCs.



How To Be a Competitive Gamer

One of the reasons why online gaming is becoming a booming industry is that it provides a platform for competitive online tournament gaming for real money. Gamers who are engaged in it not only enjoy the sport because they get to play their favorite game but they’re also given the opportunity to earn money as long as they win the competition.

Now that you’re aware of the types of eSports, this section will help you step up your game and be competitive. As the gaming industry is getting bigger, there are also a lot of players who have developed a reputation as being unbeatable. And as a beginner, you should be mindful of all these tips for you to finally be one of them.

  • Choose a game and a platform

The more you’re interested in a game, the easier it will be for you to master it. Similarly, the more comfortable you are with your gaming platform (console, mobile phone, or PC), the less hassle it will be for you to control and manipulate your character in the game.

  • Master the mechanics of the game

Knowing the basics is the primary step in mastering your game. There are plenty of game tutorials on YouTube and Twitch, and there are also gamers who stream their matches live on different social media platforms. Watching them will help you gain ideas on how to reinforce your gaming ability.

  • Practice

As the cliché goes, ‘practice makes perfect.’ You wouldn't really achieve competitive gaming skills if you don’t put any effort into it, and doing so means giving time to practice and train. Practicing your game helps you identify and rectify your weaknesses, which can assist you in reinforcing your game strategy in the long run.

  •   Join a team and participate in tournaments

In order to be competitive in your chosen game, you first need to experience working in teams. This will boost your sense of identity and might help you find potential playmates and social connections.

There are two kinds of tournaments in competitive gaming—the LAN tournament and the online tournament. LAN tournament is when all gamers gather in one place and use the same network connectivity while competing. The online tournament is the most common competitive gaming tournament today because it allows you to compete remotely.

Final Thoughts

Participating in competitive gaming doesn’t only help you observe the different gaming techniques of your co-players, but it also improves teamwork and social skills. It’s a great way to take part in healthy competition while utilizing the technological advancements available today.

What’s good about participating in competitive gaming is that it produces a strong and unbeatable mindset to not give up easily, which can easily be applied in real-life situations.