The Franchises That Defined the Horror Genre

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Horror Games

Yes, horror games keep finding new ways to scare you, but you still play them. There’s something fun about being scared. That’s why the horror genre is doing great after so much time. There are certain titles that are iconic and fans will continue playing for years. Also, there are certain timeless franchises that have defined this genre and are a must-play if you haven’t done so already. So, here are some of those franchises:

Silent Hill

A foggy town filled with weird-looking creatures is the place you’ll visit in the Silent Hill franchise. The town shares the name of the franchise and will get under your skin thanks to the spooky atmosphere. The creatures will come after you as you’re running around and solving puzzles. It’s not about scaring you with jump scares. What Silent Hill does is get under your skin. The Pyramid Head plays a vital role in this franchise and you’ll do well to get out of his way.

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Dead Space

The Dead Space franchise is set in different locations in space, as the title suggests. An ancient artifact serves as the catalyst for the events going on in the games. The people at these places mutate into aliens that are out for the kill and you’re one of their targets. The Dead Space franchise focuses on the action but it makes sure to put some horror in it.

Jump scares are a big part of the game. Creepy background sounds and even random sounds of barrels rolling can raise the hairs on the back of your head. Also, a sudden ping on your chat from a team member can be pretty scary as well. The interesting thing is that the zombies don’t die with a headshot. Instead, you’ll need to cut their limbs off so you can safely move around.

Resident Evil

A corporation that develops biological weapons and “accidentally” releases a virus? That’s a recipe for disaster right there since the virus turns people into zombies that like to munch on other people. Naturally, your job is to stop the spread of the virus and you’ll do so in various locations with different characters. Just like in Silent Hill, you’ll need to solve puzzles as zombies chase you around.

They can spring in at inopportune moments and mess up your plans. But once you get used to zombies you’ll be introduced to the Tyrant and Nemesis creatures which just won’t die. The franchise recently got its series which is inspired by the events in the games. Besides the zombies, you’ll meet a host of interesting characters and experience some creepy surroundings.