Picking the Must-Watch Canadian Cult Movies

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Groundstar Conspiracy

Finding the right movie to watch while taking a break can be difficult, especially if there is a specific movie genre niche you’re looking for. Scrolling on and on through Netflix’s recommended page just won’t do. You need to watch something that can actually let your mind go on autopilot, and the movie “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

The frustration that you may be feeling right now is relatable. In fact, it’s the very same feeling that people get when they can’t find a good legal online casino Canada. Frankly, it’s tiring to keep looking for things that turn out to be nothing. You just want to relax and enjoy your movie or game, but the movies that they’re recommending are not only bland or boring- but you’ve already watched them before!

Well, gather around Cult-fanatics (did you get the joke?) because we have something in store for you! We looked for some of the most-watched Canadian cult films out there for your convenience. They’re the type of movies that go down and dirty, they just might even shock you in the end. Stay tuned and sit tight, make sure you don’t get kidnapped during the night, here are our picks of Canadian Cult films that you need to watch right now!

The Groundstar Conspiracy

Directed by Lamont Johnson and written by Douglas Heyes, The Groundstar Conspiracy shocked thriller and horror enthusiasts around the continent after being released in 1972. Much like a lot of other similarly-set movies, The Groundstar Conspiracy features a trauma-driven amnesiac, a government filled with ruthless agents, and the destruction of a top-secret research facility.

It’s highly entertaining, filled with suspense and action. This Canadian Cult Classic will leave you swooning after finding out the great twist at the end.

The Pit

The Pit is just one of those movies that will leave you questioning over yourself hours after the movie has already ended. It follows the usual tropes over cult classics, including a young boy trying to unravel the mystery around his town before getting eaten alive. Or is it the other way around? Either way, it’s a great film that will leave you enraptured over what happens next.

The performances seen in the movie were simply excellent, with moments in the film leaving you at the very edge of your seat after a particularly suspenseful scene.

The Silent Partner

Written by Curtis Hanson and directed by Daryl Duke, The Silent Partner somehow managed to be both whimsical and thrilling. Be enthralled as Elliot Gould’s character steals some hard cash from his own bank and gets chased by Santa Claus (played by Christopher Plummer). Yes, we said that right. It’s the type of film where you get to unwind and relax, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.