Reasons Why You Should Finally Start Reading Comics

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Reading Comics

Do you prefer books or comics? Well, you're sitting on the couch or in the armchair in the evening, you're not tired yet, but you don't want to watch TV either. A book would be good because you wanted to read more anyway. You rummage through your shelves or reading piles that are scattered around the flat. Maybe you have already started 2-3 books. They were exciting, but you still don't feel like it. And then there's that comic book. Maybe about a superhero you like. Or with an imaginative, youthful story. Or an adaptation of a fairy tale. Take it, flip through it, enjoy the great colors and drawings. 


Suddenly an hour has passed, you have devoured thousand colorful pages and you are happy. The effect of reading an entertaining comic book can be even compared to the “gambling” joy after enjoying online roulette. And the variety of comics with the most diverse themes and heroes, by the most diverse artists, with the most diverse drawings, from numerous publishers is unbelievably large and, above all, there is something for every taste. You're into horror and monsters? Do you want something humorous and imaginative? Can't get enough of superheroes? Or are you more on the side of the villains and anti-heroes? No matter which comic book you choose, you will be entertained and not only have a text in front of your eyes, but mostly quite colorful drawings, funny dialogues, a special dynamic, and exciting stories on not so many pages. 

Two Ultimate Reasons to Read Comics

Whether it's superheroes on the big screen or the walking dead in a smaller format: adaptations of comics seem to have gone mainstream long ago. We give you three reasons why you should also take a look at the comic

Comic books are full of action

Don't know how you're going to get through the time until the next film about superheroes? Then superhero comics are just the thing for you. Here, the big-screen heroes experience new adventures every month and you no longer have to wait what feels like decades for the next dose of superhero action.

Admittedly, it's not exactly easy to get started in the big superhero universes. Our tip: Just grab a magazine and, if need be, google the things you don't understand. Especially fans of complex universes will get their money's worth with superhero comics!

Read comics: They are Diverse and Deep! 

Comics are more than stories about people with superpowers in funny suits. Whether horror, fantasy, or science fiction, comics offer just as many different genres as any other medium. You can also find topics that are closer to reality, such as material based on historical events and even autobiographical material, under comics. With such a huge selection, there is of course something for the more discerning tastes. Some comics have already been reviewed in the literary feuilletons of major newspapers.  


In addition, many films and series are based on comics. So why not take a look at the original? You'll be surprised how much some of your favorite series differ from the original. Or maybe you'll get to know the latest hit series before it even hits the big screen? It is also one of the reasons to take a look at comic books.

Where to buy comics? Well, even there are no comic shops where you live, visit bookshops, or look for comics on the Internet. I continue to be completely overwhelmed every time because of the huge selection of comics in bookshops. To choose a comic for you, read the annotation or ask somebody for a tip. Anyway, take readily to explore this fascinating fantastic, and bizarre world.