5 Exciting New Ways to Experience Your Favorite Game

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5 Exciting Ways to Experience Your Favorite Games

Human beings love repetition. We make fun of toddlers who want to hear the same story on a loop, but adults aren’t that different. Like kids, we also love some predictability and familiarity in our lives, two things that repetition serves well. We often rewatch the same series and movies and reread books.

However, adults usually require a bit more elaboration on their repetitions. In series and movies, we look for Easter eggs, for example. In video games, we make them our own. How? Keep reading to find out!.

Changing the Game

In 2000, someone wanted to play Half-Life differently, and Counter-Strike was born. Quake and Team Fortress have a similar story. Still, you don’t need to go as deep as creating a revolutionary game mod on your own. There are simpler, yet entertaining, ways of changing the game you already know by heart.

Get Lost

Maybe your smartphone has spoiled you with its GPS and maps. In video games, as in life, open worlds look much more interesting - and frightening - without a minimap for guidance. It’ll completely change how you look at the game. You’ll look for clues and landmarks for navigation as you do in real life, making things more, well, realistic.

All Crazy Weapons/No Crazy Weapons

First-person shooting games, RPGs, and even strategy games can have crazy weapons. It could be a plasma gun, a Tesla cannon, or a sports car equipped with machine guns in medieval battles like Age of Empires. Try playing your favorite game with none of those tricks, then with all of those tricks. You can find the hottest cheat codes with Guided Hacking.

You Only Live Once

Speaking of realism, you can’t respawn from death, can you? Neither should your character if you want to spice up the game. Play until death finds you, then start over again. It’ll add much more tension to the game, especially as you advance to higher levels. The idea of starting again from square one looks worse at every enemy you defeat. Surely, you’ll play much more cautiously.

No Evolution

Building up characters is one of the most interesting parts of any video game. You start weak, small, and with laughable weapons. As the game goes by, you get experience points, build up muscles, and effortlessly kill the same enemies you were once hiding from. It’s all great, but it can be more challenging. Since you already know the game, why not give up those experience points? Beware: you’ll need all your expertise to get around.

Get Trained

Many players are so eager to play that they can’t be bothered with tutorials and learn on the go. Some even get to master a game without ever going through a tutorial. Still, if you want to learn new tricks or secrets, tutorials are usually the best way to go. There’s plenty of quality material online for any game you’d want.


Repetition has a trick to working. You wouldn’t watch dozens of Fast and Furious movies if they looked exactly like the first one. There has to be something new, some surprise or element that wasn’t there before. Tweaking the rules as explained above can add the amount of novelty you want from a well-known game.