Why Retro Games are Making a Comeback

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For a few years now, we have been seeing old games making their big comeback. This seems to be hitting a nerve in the market. But what makes this concept so popular? The reasons are very different.

People feel connected to their childhood or other good memories.  Even if the graphics are not what we used to see in the 21st century, the games have their charm. So does the Woo Casino bonus.

This nostalgic trend is coming up in different areas. Vintage or retro cameras as well as clothing are making a comeback. So why should not the entertainment industry also go back to their greatest hits from the 1970s? 

The stories behind older games are simply beautiful to enjoy. They come from another world. Who does not connect so well when they come home from school and play video games. Back then, you really needed your imagination. And especially now that we are older, we miss the days when we did not have to worry about anything.

Some of us remember how excited we were when we got our first console or Gameboy. Those little devices meant the world to us. We felt so up to date. Especially when the function was to connect with your friends and compete against them. Or playing with them in a team. In school, we used to have whole competitions. At that time, the poor graphics did not bother us at all.

Although there is a wide range of modern games with high quality, we like to play the classics. Sometimes it even hurts to see the remake of an old game like Pokemon. We do not always agree with what they have done with the characters.

But we should keep in mind that the younger generation today has different preferences. They have already grown up with this technological world.

Even the older consoles are coming back. You can find them, albeit rarely, but still in stores. Collectors even pay more to own one of them. So you can say that the classics never disappear. The same is true for books.


Since the market for video games and consoles is large and constantly growing, it is only a matter of time before manufacturers turn to the retro phase of their development.

However, one advantage could be that they are cheaper and more accessible. After all, they already have their content and history, and they are also very popular with consumers. So it was a risk whether they would be successful, since they already were.

The reintroduction of retro games brings back memories for gamers. This concept has already shown promise in several areas.

Another plus is that these games were developed when technical capabilities were not at their peak. Therefore, it is easier to produce them. From the soundtrack to the graphics, they are cheaper compared to today's games. They do not even require an Internet connection and are so easy to set up. All you have to do is turn on the console and start playing.

Although the stories and effects are much simpler, that does not mean it will be boring. You will be the hit among your friends.


In recent years, many retro products have come back to the market. Here are the top 10 that you should definitely check out if you have not already!

First, the Sonic series. It is a classic through and through, just like Tetris and Pac-Man, which have also been newcomers in recent years.

No less popular are games like The Legend of Zelda and the original Dragon Quest series. Both among younger and older gamers.

At the top of the list are Pokemon and Super Mario bros. However, these never seem to have left the market. Their products, of whatever kind, are still very present in stores. However, many fans are disappointed with the newer editions and like to return to the beginnings of their childhood heroes.

No matter what you prefer, you will easily find the perfect link to your childhood. Or maybe you will discover new games and fall in love all over again.