Humor and Adventure Partner in Kesel and Hahn's Impossible Team-Up 2B

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Impossible Team-Up 2B

Springing out of the Impossible Jones / Holly Daze collaboration that was the crux of Impossible Team-Up A comes the next chapter in the life of our favorite not-quite-a-superhero. Impossible Jones is still trying to figure out what happened to her to give her her amazing set of super abilities. But that's secondary to balancing the very tricky predicament of her life since she gained her powers -- being mistaken for a superhero when she is actually a thief!

Jones's compromise for her current situation is to anticipate thefts that she would pull, watch and wait for someone else to pull them, then steal the items back and return them for the reward. It's not a horrible plan -- so long as the participating bad guys are obligingly lesser-powered than you are, which in this case they aren't, putting Imp in a perilous situation that results in her lucrative plans evaporating. But before she can dwell on that failure, she's called into action -- literally -- by the pure-hearted Captain Lightning, one of the city's most respected super heroes who can control -- and turn into -- electricity. Much like Imp, Captain Lightning is anticipating the theft of an object -- a stone -- from a tech company known for making two things: weapons and money. Unlike Imp, Lightning knows exactly who is going to steal this stone: the non-existent urban legend team of SECTION ZERO!

Yes, you read that right. Impossible Team-Up 2B marks the return of the team Kesel created with Tom Grummett for Gorilla Comics in 2000! Thom Talesi, aka the 24-Hour Bug, and Reagan Atomic, science adventurer legacy, are both on hand to lift the rock before Imp herself can get away with it. But Imp has a few tricks up her sleeve we've never seen her pull off yet, which will surprise Section Zero, Captain LIghtning, and (most importantly) the readers.

While Impossible Team-Up B is light-hearted overall, it's not without some serious undertones. There's a very, very bad guy lurking within the pages whom we've seen before. And we learn that Imp may not be the only one posing as a hero in order to accomplish a more self-serving end. It's these kinds of tidbits that elevate this adventure series into something grander, hooking the reader into picking up the next issue -- just like it did me!

This issue also includes another backup tale of the "questionable" hero, Even Steven, presenting yet another possible secret origin for the hero who's power is that he is always an even match for whatever foe he comes up against, so that the fight will always be fair. This character is a fun one to explore, and I almost hope we never get a definitive origin for the character, leaving him to be an urban legend among street heroes.

While the Kickstarter campaign that released this issue has closed, Kesel and Hahn have a new campaign up for the third issue which includes the ability to get all the previous issues as add-ons. But you'd better hurry! A few days more and grabbing these issues will be all but...



5.0 / 5.0