Tips for Beginners to Win More Games in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2, a highly anticipated first-person shooter, is now available, and people all over the world have already begun to hammer it. It can be really frustrating to play this game in multiplayer when you are a beginner. You will be up against experienced opponents who, if they catch sight of you, can quickly remove you.

So how do you improve as a beginner?

For new players, going online in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 might be challenging. The game, to be quite honest, has not done a good job describing its basic concepts or systems or even what has changed from the 2019 Modern Warfare. In order to move more quickly and obtain an advantage over your enemies, you should check out some amazing hacks, and cheats by lavicheats, one of the trusted sites.

In this article, we will cover various Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer survival techniques and match-winning tips for new players. Even if you have played multiplayer in past Call of Duty incarnations, these tips and tricks will explain some simple mechanics (that are easy to overlook) so that you experience less deaths and frustrations while navigating matches and menus.

Customize your Settings

You should avoid starting the game with the default settings as soon as possible. The game provides a wide range of Button Layout and Sensitivity settings. You will immediately notice a change in your gaming after you discover the right settings. You can learn more about Controller and a Keyboard & Mouse for a more thorough description of the ideal settings for this game.

Study the Map

The maps in MW2 encourage passive gaming, as many COD series veterans have observed. Hold down a location and try to kill people who are passing by rather than going around searching for kills.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the players you killed will be aware of your whereabouts if you stay too long. You'll have an advantage if you know where the players spawn and where there are lots of people.

Pick your Guns smartly 

You have a choice of 51 firearms in Modern Warfare 2. Start levelling up a few weapons that you are comfortable playing with. Since the meta is always shifting, you can swiftly switch to a different gun if the one you levelled up gets nerfed. Additionally, choose weapons based on the map.

Using an SMG on a big, open battlefield or an AR on a compact map will almost certainly result in your death. The Lachmann-556 is a beast if used properly, but the M4 is a well-balanced pistol to begin with.

Complete the tasks

You will be given a certain set of challenges every day, such as obtaining headshot kills with a particular gun or dispatching a number of adversaries with a melee weapon. Try to finish as many challenges as you can to level up more quickly.

Use Perks available in each match 

The perks system is the focus of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. You can choose four perks in your loadout tab, each of which offers your character a passive benefit. However, not all of them are immediately operational. You can use the two Base Perks you pick throughout the entire game.

In a typical match, your Bonus Perk activates after about four minutes; for strong play, the duration is shortened. Finally, the Ultimate Perk begins to work around eight minutes into a game, with time lowered for strong play. Therefore, be aware that characters will grow more powerful or have greater powers as the game progresses.

Switch between the Scorestreaks and Killstreaks

While talking about kill streaks, it's important to note that you can switch between using a Kill streak and a Scorestreak system. While the latter simply shifts up with kills, the former will reward you far more rapidly. The Scorestreak method delivers more dependable prizes while you're still learning the ropes, but at a slower rate.

If you switch to Scorestreaks, you'll advance when you complete objectives like tagging in Kill Confirmed or holding locations in Hardpoint and Domination. In most objective-based modes, Scorestreaks are useful, but Killstreaks are usually preferable if you're going for higher tiers.