Gaming Beyond Entertainment: The Philanthropic Wave within Video Gaming Culture and Charities

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"A game is the complete exploration of freedom within a restrictive environment." - Vineet Raj Kapoor.

People no longer regard ‘gaming’ as something done behind closed doors (or away from family), but instead, it has evolved into an enjoyable form of entertainment. Video gaming culture is more than just taking on an epic quest or competing against friends. It's about coming together as a community and making the world a better place. Many gamers are using their talents to help those in need through various charities. Whether it’s by donating funds, holding fundraisers, or simply creating awareness – all these efforts can make a significant impact on the lives of people everywhere.


How OpTic Gaming Achieved a $10,000 Charity Milestone

Gameishard highlights that the Summer Streamathon was the pinnacle of OpTic Gaming's charitable achievements. Using their large platform and bargaining power, they were able to raise over $10,000 for the Children’s Health charity in a matter of hours – an impressive feat by any measure. As popular video gaming personalities, Scump and Shottzy were heavily involved in driving engagement during the streamathon. With well-known personalities broadcasting on Twitch through the main OpTic channel as well as their own streams, it allowed fans to engage in both entertainment and a noble cause at once. Additionally, established sponsors such as Mountain Dew, Wingstop and Oakley chipped in with individual donations, providing an even bigger bump towards that $13,367 goal.


Exploring Successful Gaming Charities and Their Impactful Contributions

One popular organization is Extra Life which runs annual marathons where gamers play for 24 hours straight and donate a percentage of their earnings. states that for the past 15 years, Extra Life has raised a staggering $100 million for life-saving treatments and healthcare services, research, and pediatric medical equipment. Another charity doing great work is AGDQ (Awesome Games Done Quick). AGDQ raises money for cancer prevention among adolescents and young adults. The Prevent Cancer Foundation receives most of its contributions and so far has collected over $43 million since the start of fundraising. Finally, there is Mario Marathon, another event where participants come together and play games from the Mario franchise. Mario Marathon has managed to raise a total of over $700,000 in charity. All of their donations go to Child's Play charity.


Ways to Get Involved in Gaming Charities and Create Your Own Impactful Events

Participating in gaming charities and organizing your own events to help those in need can be a wonderful way to give back. Experts also highlight that the first step is understanding where to find these organizations or people who are already engaging in this type of philanthropy. Try reaching out to local gaming groups, tournaments, or even live streamers that have done similar events previously or plan on doing one soon - they may be delighted at joining forces with your organization for an event of charity.

Additionally, there may be existing charitable gatherings without sponsorships up for grabs, too. If you have any passionate gamers amongst your staff from which you could draw power, then that’s always an option. Involvement from co-workers has seen some incredible success stories when it comes to getting people together for good causes. As the gaming culture continues to grow around the world, so too will its philanthropic capabilities.

Therefore now is a better time than ever for nonprofits to capitalize on this growing trend in order to boost their fundraising efforts – enabling them to make much greater changes for society as a whole.