Gambling in Gotham: How Has Batman Influenced Casino Games?

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Gambling in Gotham

Online casino games come with a variety of themes. This is especially true of slot games. Some of the most common slot themes include Ancient Egypt, Vikings, fishing, and fruits. Of course, we can’t forget about movie-themed games that are based on popular characters like Batman.

Batman debuted in comic book form in 1939, and it didn’t take too long for the Caped Crusader to gain a large and loyal following. He became so popular that he spawned his own television show in 1966. A little over 20 years later, in 1989, Batman made its way onto the big screen. He has now been the focus of several Hollywood movies.

Why Does Batman Work as a Slot Theme?

Casino software developers often turn to trends when they create new games. You only have to check out the Egyptian-themed game collections at online casinos to see this. Well, Batman has been trendy for over 8 decades. Many top providers including Playtech, NextGen, and Quickfire have created Batman-themed slots that are often featured in the “Popular” or “Hot” sections at online casinos.

One of the cool things about incorporating Batman into slot games is that it allows game creators to infuse so many notable secondary characters into the narrative. In addition to villains like the Penguin, Riddler, and Joker, some games feature the likes of Catwoman, Robin, Batgirl, and even other superheroes like Superman. Some of these characters have themselves become the stars of many slots.

Another reason why Batman works as a slot theme is that a Batman slot can be based on the classic comic, one of the many blockbuster movies, or even the television show. If you like the campy 1960s television version of the character, then you can get a good dose of nostalgia by playing Batman and Catwoman Cash, Batman and Mr. Freeze Fortune, Batman and The Joker Jewels, and many others.

Fans of the movie version also have plenty of modern slots at casinos, such as those listed here: The titles include Batman Begins, Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and The Dark Knight. All developed by Playtech provider. Simply put, a Batman theme opens up a world of possibilities. Just as any new Batman movie is all but guaranteed to draw large audiences, a new Batman slot release is bound to attract a lot of players.

Customise the Experience

As mentioned, you can choose a Batman slot based on the comic, the television series, or the movies. You can also integrate your favourite villain into the mix. However, you can further customise the Batman slot experience by selecting games that best suit your RTP, volatility, and potential payout preferences. If you prefer a higher RTP, then Microgaming’s The Dark Knight offers an average return of 97%. If it’s a big jackpot you crave, then a game like Batman & Catwoman Cash should be up your alley as it offers a progressive jackpot.

Batman is known for using a variety of gadgets like batarangs, grapple guns, and line launchers that he uses to achieve his goal of bringing down the bad guys. Batman-themed slot machines are similar in that they boast a wide range of features like cascading reels, expanding symbols, multipliers, and bonus games. These and other features make the games more exciting and help players achieve their goal of bringing down bigger pots. All of this is to say that Batman fans can easily find a Batman casino game that suits all of their preferences.

The Batman Theme Will Endure the Test of Time

Batman has influenced casino games for a long time and he will continue to do so. He’s no flash in the pan or a passing trend. As such, online casino game developers will carry on creating Batman-themed casino games like slots that offer unique storylines, features, and mechanics.

The great news is that you don’t even need real money to play these games. Batman & Mr. Freeze Fortune, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises are just a few of the many Batman-themed slot games that you can play for free. Social casinos as well as many top-tier real money casinos let customers play demo versions of their most beloved Batman slots.