A Win for Supergirl is a Win for Women Everywhere

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The 2015 People's Choice awards were held last night and SUPERGIRL took home the award for best new drama!

When the show was first announced, while it was met with much excitement, there was concern about how it would fare on CBS. Being a major network means that it would be on a short leash as far as ratings go.

A show like SUPERGIRL seemed more appropriate for 'The CW' where established hit drama's, ARROW and THE FLASH, continue to have success.

The airing of it's pilot was a huge success and after about six episodes it was announced that CBS ordered a full season. In a highly competitive time slot (Monday's @ 8pm EST), the ratings have consistently done well. Even beating out FOX's popular Batman drama, GOTHAM, head-to-head.

According to the website TV By the Numbers, the most recent episode that aired this past Monday pulled in 8.75 million viewers, which handily beat out ABC's THE BACHELOR by over a million viewers.

Personally, the fact that SUPERGIRL had more viewers than THE BACHELOR, shows that there is hope for our society. Supergirl demonstrates female empowerment, believing in yourself and overcoming tremendous odds while dealing with themes such as finding one's place in the world. The Bachelor is about showing a bunch of petty women with low self-esteem, fawning over one guy who is literally a prize to be won.

Gee, I wonder which show I'd prefer the girls/women in my life to watch?

SUPERGIRL has now received the attention and notoriety it deserves. It contains light-hearted humor, a sense of morality, appeals to a wide audience and features a charismatic cast. It's success is a testament to the power of women and the positive messages they can deliver.

It's a show people can be proud to support. Women and men (and in my house, girls AND boys) alike.

At the People's Choice Awards, Supergirl was able to hold off strong entries such as BLINDSPOT, CODE BLACK, HEROES REBORN, and QUANTICO for the top spot.

Supergirl herself, Melissa Benoist, who accepted the award at the event, took time to express her excitement on twitter:

YAY!!!!! https://t.co/OaZeNU0huq

— Melissa Benoist (@MelissaBenoist) January 7, 2016

Her co-star, Chyler Lee, who plays her on-screen sister and DEO agent Alex Danvers also chimed in:

#OMG #Supergirl won a PCA!! We have THE BEST fans in the universe! Thank u for voting! Go #TeamSupergirl @supergirlcbs @MelissaBenoist

— Chyler Leigh (@chy_leigh) January 7, 2016

While SUPERGIRL hasn't been picked up for a second season, bringing home the PCA for Best New Drama certainly supports an argument for CBS to bring back the 'maid of might' next fall.