[VIDEO] The Pilots of Voltron Get New Weapons/Armor!

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In a clip released on its Facebook page, the pilots for VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER receive new weapons; of which were not seen in the original series.

I absolutely love the idea of modding out their flight suits with weaponized tech. It adds to the science fiction of the show and offers the pilots more flexibility in what they can do, when separated from their Lions. They will need to leave their Lions behind at some point and allowing them to have the tech to support their efforts, when they do so, was a good choice by the shows producers.

In the past they've had the use of guns, but now they're equipped with weapons that suit their roles on the team. There are still guns in play, but not all of them. Since the pilots possess unique skillsets, having weapons that parallel and enhance those abilities only seems fitting.

In this fun and 'techy' clip, you'll see the pilots receive their armor and "Bayard's".

A close inspection of these weapons reveals their discreet, handheld nature. However, through the power of animation and science fiction, these 'Bayards' expand into sleek, technologically advance pieces of hardware. If there's a toy line in the works, you can bet these bad boys were designed with that very thought in mind. If I were still a kid, I would want to be running around my neighborhood holding onto one of these with my imagination running wild.

VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER roars into action, exclusively on Netflix, tomorrow! For more information about the show, including character bios and behind the scenes videos, be sure to check out the official website.