And The New President of the United States is...Wonder Woman!

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Ever since it was announced that SUPERGIRL has been moved to The CW, news about the show has been coming faster than a speeding bullet-point list.

Let's round up the news so far:

  • It was announced that SUPERGIRL will be part of a 4-way crossover with THE FLASH, ARROW and LEGENDS of TOMORROW.
  • Lex Luthor's sister, Lena, will be arriving to step out of the shadow of her infamous brother.
  • Openly gay character, Detective Maggie Sawyer, will appear on the show which will add to the already diverse cast.
  • A new 'selfish and hedonistic' character and possible foil for Kara, Nick Farrow, will be added to the roster of employees at CatCo. to make a name for himself.
  • Project Cadmus will play a prominent role in season 2 as "The Doctor...implants prisoners with alien technology".  Unless it's just a 'Cadmus Easter Egg', one could theorize that the show is moving towards a possible Superboy storyline.
  • Tyler Hoechner will be playing the role of Superman for (at least) the first two episodes. He was only announced for the first two, but who are we kidding? If those episodes are as highly rated as one might expect...he WILL be back.

And finally, news has come out that former Wonder Woman, actress Lynda Carter, has been brought on to play the President of the United States of America. Her presence on the show will be such an important part of expanding the demographic of viewers. Still talented and beautiful, the 64 year old actress passed up the opportunity to have a part in the upcoming 2017 movie: WONDER WOMAN. Given the themes of SUPERGIRL, she will be a welcome addition to the show.

I have my fingers crossed that Lynda Carter and Calista Flockhart share a scene together!

This news only adds to the plethora of 'inside casting' that almost seems like a mandate at this point.

  • Eliza Danvers is played by 80's Supergirl Helen Slater (Supergirl: The Movie)
  • Jeremiah Danvers is played by 90's Superman Dean Cain (The Adventures of Lois and Clark)
  • Indigo is played by 2000's Supergirl Laura vandervoot (Smallville)

To continue the infinite loop, Lynda Carter appeared on SMALLVILLE as the mother to Chloe Sullivan!

It's hard to imagine that more news regarding the popular show could be released, but you should never underestimate Greg Berlanti and his team of creatives. Rest assurred that if something does drop, we'll keep you informed.