DC Launches Official Spotify Playlist for Superman: Rebirth

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Superman has his own Spotify playlist, of over 30 songs, for readers of his latest adventures and some of the song choices are very interesting.

Coming in at just under 2 hours long the playlist has several tracks from both MAN OF STEEL and BATMAN V SUPERMAN original motion picture soundtracks.

The first two songs 'Love Kills' and 'Hurt by Love' carries a pretty interesting theme to start off the playlist. Then you throw in 'Occupy the Love' and 'The Lady is a Tramp' and one would assume that 'Rebirth' Superman is the comic book version of Taylor Swift.

After all, the third track 'Before the Rage Reborn' sounds a little more like 'Injustice' Superman than it does 'Rebirth'. Scorned love and rage isn't what you'd think of when Superman comes to mind, so I'm a little surprised we didn't get a playlist with a little more hope and optimism that Geoff Johns once spoke of.

So if you're adventurous with your music, and like to read into things, head on over to the official Spotify playlist for Superman: Rebirth.