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The CW's ARROW and THE FLASH have provided an embarrassment of riches, when it comes to talented actors portraying lesser known characters. So what happens when you have characters, that nobody cared about, suddenly become fan favorites?

You give them their own show!

DC's Legends of Tomorrow reaped the benefit of this influx of talent. From the relatively unknown Caity Lotz to the highly talented (and well-versed) actor, Victor Garber, Greg Berlanti and company went panning for gold and struck it rich. As characters began standing out from the crowd it was clear that another show needed to be added in order to let them shine.

Spinning out of a developing story from both ARROW and THE FLASH, DC's Legends of Tomorrow follows the exploits of a team of wannabe's as they attempt to save the future while preserving the past. The actions of the immortal Vandal Savage has sent 'Time Master', Rip Hunter, to stop him in every corner of the world throughout history. To do this he enlists the help of gifted individuals who, if they fail, nobody will miss.

Overall the inaugural adventure for this group of time-traveling adventurers provided a great balance of action, comedy and drama. Each character received ample screen/story time to allow their character to develop as the season progressed.

Rip Hunter: His motivation for pulling the team together teeters on the line of self-serving and doing the right thing.

Sara Lance: Watch as her story, spinning out of ARROW, continues to develop.

Ray Palmer: His heart of gold seeks to be the hero he’s always dreamed of, while he falls in love with another member of the team.

Leonard and Mick: Their partnership is formed from a unique bond that gets tested as the season progresses.

Dr. Martin Stein: During his fascination with time-travel and the unprecedented scientific perspective, he struggles to balance his passion with his youthful counterpart.

Jefferson Jackson: The member who did not want to go, but was forced into service, seeks to get back home to his mother.

Kendra Saunders: Her connection to Vandal Savage brings much of the story’s focus on her as she tries to break free from the chains of her destiny.

Season 1 features an amazing array of set pieces as the crew travels through time. As they seek to stop Vandal Savage in his tracks, they find themselves in 1950's and 1970's America, a Russian Gulag and futuristic London. There is a wonderful behind the scenes look on the Blu-Ray that explores the work that goes into re-creating the past.

If you've ever wanted a bit of nostalgia in your science fiction, DC's Legends of Tomorrow is where you'll find it.

Because it's a CW show, featuring characters from the DC Universe, it's not without it's own list of cameos. One in particular, which has his own featurette on the Blu-Ray, is Jonah Hex. If you are a fan of westerns, you will enjoy the episode, the character and the featurette.

Expect Jonah Hex to make a return in Season 2. Played by Johnathon Schaech, Jonah Hex is brought to life in a way fans of the character will appreciate. He's gritty, tough and lives in the moral 'gray' area. I'd love to see him become a full-time cast member, or who knows? Maybe even get his own show.

Since no show on The CW can go without reaching its quota on crossovers, the crew aboard the ‘Waverider’ go back to the future and visit Star City of 2046, providing a glimpse into what Oliver Queen is up to 30 years from the present.

Among the special features, you'll find an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the 'Waverider'. By exploring the halls and different aspects of Rip Hunter's ship, you will gain a deep appreciation for the attention to detail put into it. They wanted the 'Waverider' to iconic and recognizable and their effort shows.

And of course, no special features would be complete without the gag reel! You will see and hear all the enjoyable moments that happen when actors fall apart during their scenes. There’s dancing, goofing around, and even the set pieces have trouble ‘keeping it together’. Watching actors make mistakes humanizes them a little as we often look at them as being larger than life. It’s always nice to see them have some fun on set.

Featuring all 16 1-hour episodes to the inaugural season, there is over 760 minutes of content when you add in the special features:

  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: 2015 Comic-Con Panel

  • Jonah Hex: Hex Marks the Spot

  • A Fantastic Voyage: Touring the Waverider Set

  • History in the Making

  • Gag Reel

If you’re looking for an enjoyable show that features time-traveling heroes who look to solidify their legacy as legendary heroes, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on Blu-Ray will allow you to experience it over and over again. If you loved the show and want to turn back the clock before the start of season 2, now’s the time to do it. With an SRP of $39.99 for the DVD and $44.98 for the Blu-Ray (including Digital HD), DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is reasonably priced.

Your mission is simple: save the future and buy DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on Blu-Ray including Digital HD or DVD!

5.0 / 5.0