Hastings is Going Out of Business!

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Hastings going out of business

Video rental stores are nothing new, and as we have seen over the years they have all been dying out one by one due to the market and the sudden boom in video streaming apps we use today such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and more. But there was always that small store that stood around longer than the others and wasn't afraid to try something new and exciting.

Now, it's now it's no shock knowing this was eventually bound to happen, and I believe those of us who were fortunate enough to have had a local Hastings near us knew it was coming but hoped the day never did because we'd grown to love this store and all the entertaining content it provided for us. Hastings started off as a video and game rental company. As I child I spent many of my days in Hastings looking over the latest games that had arrived on the shelf, or to check back and see if anyone had returned a game I had been waiting to rent.

Over the years Hastings found ways to pull me back in, and it was such a convenient place for a nerd such as myself or for the average movie goer. But what made Hastings stand out from the rest of the rental businesses was their ability to adapt and add new and exciting features to bring us back and browse. I was excited when they first allowed duel trading card game events and tournaments there, and it was the only place at the time close by that would actually hold Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon tournaments, allowing me to meet and compete with wonderful people who enjoyed the same things I was into.

Hastings had grown and added more features to its shelves of goodies. They added a comic and Manga section, nerd and geek collectibles and figurines, board games, vinyl records and CD's, electronics and equipment; you could rent and buy books, both new and used, and they even added a small hip coffee shop that was kind of like our own local Starbucks--considering the fact Benton, Arkansas really has no Starbucks or any type of coffee shops near by. Sure, the prices were a little bit steep at times, but we didn't care because it was Hastings.

But don't take my word for it. I took the time out to ask people on Facebook who had the privilege of visiting a Hastings if they could share with me their thoughts of it going out of business and their experiences.

Logan Faulk.

- “I hate Hastings is closing because there isn't anywhere else in Benton to go to rent movies, video games, find crazy novelty items and any type of book you can imagine. If they didn't have something, you could order it. I love to go to Hastings and just "hang out" looking at books. Yes, I was the crazy one sitting in the floor looking at various books!”

Reema Krebs.

- “I think it's a shame that Hastings is closing down. It was one of the few places where I actually enjoyed shopping. Every time I walked in, I'm sure I looked like a kid in a candy store. They really fed my inner nerd/geek. Horror movies, FPS video games, vinyls, funny t-shirts, sci-fi books, board games, comics, instruments, awesome tech gadgets, etc etc...That place is all about entertainment and I loved having a store catering to that need and staying focused on it. We all need some more fun in our lives and to me, Hastings was where I would go to find that fun.
I also have many happy memories there, so I won't deny a nostalgia factor that adds to the sadness. Study sessions with friends, buying random fan-centric items, getting addicted to new hobbies, shows, books, etc..., and Hastings even had a part in my first date with my Husband.
Like I said, it's a shame they're closing down, but I'm not surprised. Just my opinion, but I feel like people are trying to leave their homes as less as possible. Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, and the list goes on with the number of online sites where their sales are booming. Brick and mortar stores seem less in demand. I personally will still miss the store. You get to really see the items, stumble across some gold you weren't even looking for, and there is also a cool social part about it as well. I guess all I can do know is enjoy it while it lasts and hope that another store similar to Hastings will pop up in its place. I know it's unlikely, but here's to hoping.”

Freddy Wilson.

- “I mean it sucks that it's closing down because I have had a lot of memories in that place and I've always felt a connection too because the store had such a variety of everything I liked: sports, movies, video games, music, crazy novelty toys, that place had it all. It was one of the hang out spots after school for the nerds or for the group of guys that wanted to get into some s@#t and get kicked out for terrorizing the store lol in a way Hastings stood for something and it was for you to be yourself, be free, and be creative. I'll never forget that place..”

Shaun Don.

- “I'm baffled they are closing down. I thought they were doing good. It kind of ruins the nostalgia of going to a video story and picking up some movies. Everything is going online and streaming and not everyone enjoys the web browsing. Most people like to physically see and touch an item. Lots of people such as myself like to see box art or collectors edition etc....or even independent labels....with venues they don't have that. Hasting was a great place To actually feel as if u want something media wise. They would have it.”

Even our very own Randolph John Carter had this to say.


Randolph John Carter.

- “I used to enjoy Hastings when it had multiple areas, especially when they had a wide variety of new and used DVDs. Yes, they had the sci-fi geekery sections that I'd browse in, but it was more than that. The last time I visited after several years away, it was all sci-fi stuff -- which is fun for someone like me, but I'm old enough to remember other similar cool places like the Warner Brothers or Disney stores, and I could see Hastings going down that same path: High end merchandise to a very niche market.”

As you can see, the love and support for Hastings is there but our love doesn't seem to be enough to keep them up and running. If this has come as a surprise to you, then you have until October 31st until all stores are closed. So step in and catch as many of the good deals they have going on sale right now as you can.

Goodbye Hastings. Good night, sweet prince.