Super Hero Fight Club 2.0 Ups the Ante for Supergirl

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With Supergirl landing on The CW, the network has significantly upgraded it's 'Superhero Fight Club' promo from last year.

Seeing the entire gang together for the first time is enough to make any geek burst with excitement. It's the shortest of previews into the window of the upcoming 4 episode crossover that will have all four shows following the same story.

Rather than keep you in suspense with all the "mysterious mystery" we'll get you right into the video and provide commentary afterwards:

You can watch the entire episode on The CW App.

The interaction between Supergirl and Arrow is perfectly played out. Supergirl reminds Arrow of her superior strength and Arrow grunts as though to acknowledge it and dismiss it at the same time. It's a Batman/Superman moment and I would expect to see more of that during the crossover. Add in her interaction with The Flash and it takes you back to the chemistry they had in the "World's Finest" team-up episode.

Which, according to will be inspired by the "Invasion" storyline from the 80's, written by Keith Giffen. The premise had an alien race of beings known as The Dominators invade Earth. You can check out their detailed coverage of the crossover on their website.


All-in-all I'm comfortable in saying that when the crossover happens, it'll be the greatest week of television in entertainment history.