"Are You There?" Long-Awaited SDCC Voltron Footage Released!

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Voltron has finally released the preview footage for season 2 and combined the ominous score that accompanies it, it appears that darker days loom ahead.

When season 1 ended, the 5 lions of Voltron were split up. My theory has long stood that since Shiro was a new character for this updated version, eventually Keith would step into a leadership role. Given his time spent with Shiro during season 1 he has had time to learn from his mentor.

Now, all indicators are pointing to Shiro truly being separated from the group. While he appears in the trailer, we don't have a full understanding of his fate. Studios have a habit of cutting these things together to offer misdirection so as not to spoil too much. Even though the black lion is seen flying alongside the others, I suspect it's Keith. And there's a good chance the Princess is piloting the blue lion so Lance can slide into the red.

This would complete the transition to how the team was in the original series (after Sven's 'death').

They haven't offered an official release date for season 2, as of yet, but the trailer has re-ignited the excitement! With NYCC only a few days away, expect to see an announcement soon!