Voltron Season 2 Release Date Announced!

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During today's Voltron panel at NYCC, they announced that season 2 will premiere on Netflix later than originally anticipated.

While it was initially said that the second season of the popular animated series would be released late 2016, the official announcement comes as a bit of a surprise. Season 2 will be available on January 20th, 2017.

Fans of the show that made it to the panel were treated to a sneak peak at episode 2 of the upcoming season. From the reaction on twitter, it appears everyone in attendance approved. Among other things discussed at the panel's Q&A, fans discovered that Lance is actually Cuban and Pidge is a bit of a hoarder.

A lot questions that were asked involved learning more about the paladins and their history. The common answer was: YES! Because Voltron is a highly serialized show, fans can expect that all of the character's backstories will be fleshed out and developed over time.

For your convenience, we've compiled tweets by the Voltron twitter account during the panel:


Weird Al's inclusion was a welcome surprise, with any luck maybe we can get a fun musical number much like the one he provided for the original Transformers animated movie! On top of all those glorious Voltron tidbits, it was also announced that a line of Voltron toys will be made available sometime in 2017. So get ready to gear up because 2017 looks to be very promising for potential paladins.