New Doctor Strange Teaser Looks "Stranger" Than Before

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Doctor Strange logo

(story submitted by Ronald Green)

"Stranger" is good for Marvel's upcoming movie DOCTOR STRANGE as it now banks on the comic book panels that fans have loved since the 60s.

DOCTOR STRANGE's first few teasers were a bit perplexing because the director seems to have taken his inspiration from Christopher Nolan's INCEPTION. Bending cities have so far been the theme of the previous DOCTOR STRANGE teaser clips. Now, it would seem that the creators have decided to show that the movie will be sticking to its roots; the Doctor Strange that Steve Ditko created.

Below is the latest DOCTOR STRANGE clip.

Honestly, the new teaser clip looks amazing. The fact that Marvel is sticking to Doctor Strange's canon instead of re-introducing the character on the silver screen - using new plots and characters - is awesome, and will give the fans of Doctor Strange, the movie that they deserve. Being able to see Doctor Strange traverse through dimensions in 3D will be a fascinating, and will give 3D viewing a lot more sense compared to movies with 3D just for the sake of releasing it using the format.

Currently, Marvel doesn't seem to have a lot of products yet dedicated to the Cumberbatch version of Doctor Strange. All we have right now, despite the movie coming out in next month, is an action figure from Hot Toys, a few shirts, and a couple of movie trailers. Perhaps this can be attributed to Disney's filter when it comes to promoting their products especially to the adult demographic.

Marvel's marketing of new movies, unfortunately, is now somewhat limited. Previously, Marvel used to market their movies to mature fans by releasing things such as dedicated slot machine games with themes from upcoming films. However, when Disney purchased Marvel, the former decided to put an indefinite hold on the development and hosting of adult-oriented games in order to adhere to its family-friendly policies. There are a few Marvel games such as The Incredible Hulk still being offered on several gaming sites but these games will be removed once their contracts expire. So, it's safe to say that there will be no new Doctor Strange slot games to help build momentum in time for its upcoming release.

Perhaps the nearest “adult-themed” marketing gimmick that Disney still approves of is the lottery-style contest that Marvel launches from time to time. This type of promotion involves fans taking part in a game of chance where a lucky contestant is chosen using random number generator software. Take for example the contest in July that Marvel launched. In order to promote its Ultimate Marvel Comic Collection, the superhero company opened a contest where players could win a full set of comics. Of course, a competition with this level of hype generated a lot of web hits for the product’s promotion, and those who are knowledgeable in the art of increasing their chances of winning lottery-style contests helped a lot. A guide on “How to win the Lottery” lays out specific steps to increase one’s chances of winning lottery-style games such as adding more lines on tickets and doubling up, or, in this case, submitting more entries. It’s a win-win situation for both Marvel and its fans because this kind of contest gets exploited, which in turn generate a lot of web hits for the newly launched product.

Will Marvel launch a lottery-style contest to promote the upcoming DOCTOR STRANGE movie? We’ll find out in the coming days!

The Doctor Strange Backstory

For people that are unfamiliar with Doctor Strange, he is a brilliant but self-centred surgeon. After a car accident that destroys his hands and prevents him from practicing his profession, he searches the world for a way to restore the functions of his limbs. In his travels, he meets the Ancient One, and becomes a student of the powerful teacher. Doctor Strange then becomes a practitioner of the mystic arts and learns several powerful spells.

DOCTOR STRANGE is scheduled for release on the big screen on November 4, 2016.