Some Weird and Wonderful Poker Superstitions You May Encounter

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Poker Superstitions

by Charles Perrin

Poker is laden with skill and luck, but there is a fascinating undercurrent of superstitions and rituals that have gripped the casino environment in recent times. Rightly or wrongly, these superstitions have reshaped attitudes towards poker, and it’s not solely the preserve of the pros who compete on the WSOP circuit.

More often than not, superstitions have been belittled, but for others, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation behind the unwavering dogma or values they attach to them, and it can go some way to improving their supposed luck in games. If you have ever wondered about the meaning linked to the weird and wonderful poker superstitions that have cropped up, this guide will be the perfect companion.

Lucky Card Protectors

In poker, as with most other card games, there is this unspoken language of luck. It’s like a secret code of conduct and players will keep their cards close to their chest (excuse the pun!).

Many players will carry a special item that they will utilize as a card protector. Perhaps they think it has intrinsic magical powers, and it could constitute anything from a chip collected from a casino or a small figurine that they deem to be special.

Some players take this so seriously that they can’t go anywhere or play poker without their lucky charm, otherwise, things could quickly descend out of control. You may not want to pass judgment, but if certain players are obsessed with a particular lucky object, then their poker knowledge might be shaky, to say the least.

Tapping into the concept of “Unlucky” Players or Dealers

With poker, you have to take the rough with the smooth. Sometimes, you will have a great run of cards and draw some monster hands, while at other times, the pressure may get too much and you end up tilting.

Some people are more magnanimous than others in defeat, but one of the ludicrous superstitions that has surfaced is the notion that playing against a fellow dealer or opponent will bring them bad luck.

Well, with dealers at land-based casinos, they are rotated once an hour unless, of course, a supposed “unlucky” player decides to hang around the entire evening. Conversely, you are unlikely to face the same set of players online, but if you are convinced that the world is against you, then this will have an adverse impact on your game.

This idea that there are unlucky players or dealers is rather irrational. It seems to take things to the extreme, and some players can’t seem to shake themselves out of it.

Taking a considered approach to stacking chips

This is part and parcel of what you can expect when you visit a land-based establishment. Some players may choose to do only stacks of 10, while others may opt to place stacks of 20 chips in front of them at the table, and it will be done in a considered manner. For some, it might just be out of habit, while others think the chips could influence their performance.

On the scale of superstitions, this might not seem that strange. However, superstitions aren’t just reserved for casual games with friends. They have become more commonplace online, and some players will cling to these when entering tournaments at some of the best sites to play online poker for real money. BetOnline and Ignition, in particular, are adept at hosting a wide range of cash games, and both are well-optimized for mobile devices.

Wearing a lucky piece of clothing

Again, this might sound funny, but if you ask any pro, there is probably an item of lucky clothing that they wear regularly that they are adamant that has brought them luck at the tables.

This could range from lucky underpants, socks, or hats, and some pro players may wear it for the most prominent tournaments, especially if they make it to the final tables.

Casual players may feel differently, but by all accounts, this superstition is relatively harmless. If you feel lucky wearing a particular piece of clothing, then do what suits and don’t let anyone else stop you!

Final Thoughts

Although superstitions can be inexplicable for some people, the main takeaway from this article is that there’s nothing wrong with being a bit superstitious while playing poker.

If sticking to some of your beliefs helps you with your game, continue to do what makes you feel comfortable, but as long as you don’t take some superstitions or rituals to the extreme, then you’ll be just fine.