In Like a Lion: March Bombshell Michael Bruener is Ready to Blow You Away

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March 2017 Bombshell

It seems no matter what convention you attend, there's always a joker running around. No, literally, a Joker! Sometimes more than one.

But few can carry it off with the panache of our March Bombshell, Michael Bruener! Not only does he have the perfect bone structure for the lanky clown prince of crime, his tailoring skills deliver a tuxedo that you just can't pick up off the rack or a costume shop.

We were also impressed with Michael's John Constantine, someone who doesn't get a lot of cosplay attention. So as the winds of March bring in a blustery Spring, we hope you'll take a moment to enjoy Michael's unique cosplay and follow him on Instragram.

Critical Blast Bombshell, March 2017

Michael Bruener

Interest in Cosplay: I think it's a great way to get out and meet knew people that share common interests. I also enjoy sewing and working on the different props and such. It's a fun hobby.
Introduction to Cosplay: I guess it mostly started living in Florida years back when I would go to conventions and see all the amazing cosplayers there. I was very intrigued, so eventually I worked my way into it after learning from different people. My first experience was almost 10 years ago when I did a Sephiroth cosplay at a con in Tampa Bay.
Secret Identity: I'm actually a security and loss prevention manager for a department store. Basically I deal with asset protection and apprehending shoplifters.
Social Activities: I'm someone new to the area and cosplay scene here in Arkansas, but I hope to one day get to help out with charity events in the area.
Do you make as much of your own costume or rely on purchased materials -- and is that important overall to cosplaying? I do my best to make my own cosplay outfits. I am a decent tailor, so the sewing is the main thing I can do. However, certain props I may need I do have to purchase, because I don't always have the resources to make them. As far as that being important, I don't really think so as long as you're having fun with it.
Favorite Cosplay: My most popular one I believe is the classic Joker. I put a lot of work into him in the past year, so I consider him one of my main go-to cosplays. However for this con season I'm working on a very nice version of Marvel's Doctor Strange that I hope will turn out very good.
Instagram: @mikeelou666

Michael Bruener as DC Comics' John Constantine