Entrepreneurs Dominate Best Comics Writer Category, Led by Perfect 10's Dave Brink

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Perfect 10's Dave Brink

The 21st century indie comics renaissance has introduced readers to a plethora of writers and artists that, were it not for the self-publishing opportunities afforded by the technologies of digital printing and online crowdfunding, might have otherwise gone unnoticed. The response to this year's Best Comics Writer poll -- and indeed all the comic book related categories this year -- speaks to a hunger in the market for new material by fresh voices.

Tonic Mole, with his Ghostworld-like comic, Saving the World, is the first to break onto the chart with 4.35% of all ballots cast. Ahead of him is comics veteran Karl Kesel, for his work on Impossible 2, the team-up book between his characters Impossible Jones and Holly Daze.

Monster M.D.'s Von Klaus tied with Pirate Queen's Mandy Summers, with each garnering 8.70% of all votes cast.

Leaping ahead into the third place position, with 17.39% of the vote, we find comic book newcomers Allen Dunford and Will Radford, for their work on Pocus Hocus from Bad Bug Media. They are only narrowly edged out of second place by Sam Quinton and his 47 Furious Tails.

But this year's top vote-getter is the writer of the book that took this year's award for Best Comic. With a sizeable 26.09% of the ballot, the winner of the Best Comic Writer of 2021 is Perfect 10's Dave Brink.

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