Pow! Best Comics Artist of 2021 Scores with Perfect 10

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Pow Rodrix Best Comics Artist 2021

Critical Blast wraps up it's Best of 2021 awards announcements with the Best Comics Artist of 2021. (But we're not completely done -- we still have our Bombshell of the Year to announce later!)

Among the notable nominees this year, David Hahn brought in 4.35% of the vote for his work on Impossible 2 with Karl Kesel. Marco Maccagni stepped up with 7.25% of the vote for Monster M.D. while Clint Hilinski took 8.70% percent with Pirate Queen, and Tim Lim garnered 11.59% for Kamen America.

Which brings us to the top three artists among this year's awards. In third place, we have Brian Balondo with 14.49% of the tally for his work on Bad Bug Media's Pocus Hocus. Just ahead of him, it's Alexia Veldhuisen in second place with 18.84% of the vote for her work on anthropomorphic samurai squirrel epic, 47 Furious Tails.

Which brings us to this years top vote getter. If you've been following along with our Best Comic of 2021 and Best Comics Writer of 2021, then it will hardly be a surprise to learn that Perfect 10's Pow Rodrix was the favorite of the readers who participated in this year's voting. With 24.64%, nearly a quarter of all votes cast, Rodrix's award makes 2021 a sweep for the Genuine Comics imprint.

Congratulations to the entire crew at Genuine Comics!

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