It's a Photo Finish for May Bombshell Florencia Sofen

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Captain Marvel Salutes - Florencia Sophen

photo credit: Clint & Jillian Cosplay and Photography with Fali Ruiz-Davila

A moment of honesty is called for here. I could not just dive in and give a simple, glib introduction with something clever about our monthly Bombshell's representation or about whatever holiday might be coinciding with the timing of our publication.

Florencia Sofen's story, just as much as her skills, put me in a position of awed admiration. Her courage to leave her country for one halfway across the world, and her passions that drive her cosplay journey are inspirational.

Combining a love of cosplay and a talent for photography, Florencia Sofen creates cosplay works of art worthy of magazine covers and gallery showings. And it is fortuitous that, as we find ourselves one month out from Warner Brothers WONDER WOMAN movie (starring Gal Gadot) that one of Florencia's submitted photographs is of the amazing Amazon princess in a fantastic battle pose. And with Captain Marvel playing a pivotal role in Marvel's ongoing SECRET EMPIRE, her portrayal of that character is just as timely.

What I should really do is just shut up and get out of your way, so that you can read more about this astonishing cosplayer. So, without further ado, Critical Blast is proud and honored to present:

Critical Blast Bombshell, May 2017

Florencia Sofen

Interest in Cosplay: I started cosplaying because of my photography interest. I wanted to improve my skills on Photoshop, and cosplay gives me lots of possibilities for testing new effects. Then, I discovered I could do more with it. I wanted to be part of the art that I love. I always wanted to learn how to draw, but I'm VERY bad. I'm a comics fan above everything, and this is my way to say to the people: HEY! THIS COMIC DESERVES YOUR TIME!

There are a lot of stories that must be read, lots of characters and places that can change your point of view, and million of artists who are working to make it real. If only one person starts reading comic books and supporting artists because of my work, I'm done.

Introduction to Cosplay: I started on 2006, at Otaku Expression Valencia. I went with a friend and my sister. We were very young, and our idea of cosplaying was to cut old clothes and sew them as well as we could. Our first try was with FINAL FANTASY XII. I was Rikku and my friend was Yuna. It was very funny!

But my real experience started when I moved to Madrid on 2010. I went to Expocomic and some new conventions for me, carrying my camera, and it was crazy! I wanted to be part of it! My first cosplays there were Layla Miller and Dark Phoenix.

Secret Identity: There are not many secrets about me. I used to work as a photographer in Madrid. Then I was a waitress, and now I'm working in a little perfumery in Valencia. I love singing and testing strange beers, but I'm not earning money with it! xD
Social Activities: Well, that was always the hard part. I'm very shy, and cosplaying helped me with it. That made me get in touch with amazing people that showed me the most wonderful face of cosplaying. Right now, my boyfriend and I are collaborating with Saga Skywalker, a group of STAR WARS fans who do charity events, and make lots of children's hospital visits to help them, to give them beautiful days during hard times.

I want to think there is a moment to every cosplayer for growing up, and that moment is when you don't mind about how many photos you have of a convention, or how many free things you get. It's when you realize you have a lot of things to offer to the world, and with only a wig and some make-up, you are the princess of some little girl that needs a smile.

Do you make as much of your own costume or rely on purchased materials -- and is that important overall to cosplaying? I love doing and create things by myself. I invest a lot of my time on that! But from some time to now, I started to do some collaborations with cosplay brands. Because of my work, I couldn't make new costumes in months, but I wanted to continuing editing and retouching photos!
< br/>There are some brands like the amazing Funidelia that help me by sending me some costumes, then I do a photo-shoot for them and some kind of publishing. It's funny, but I sometimes miss doing more things by myself. That's why I'm on three projects at the same time! xD

About how important is it? Well, I think the most important part is how you play it, and the effort and love you put in that. If you love the character, of course you are more proud of everything if you do it, if you create each detail, but it's not necessary. At least we all do that for love and having a good time. It's amazing if you learn things with it, but it's not important if you buy or not. I just have to enjoy the experience.

Favorite Cosplay: It's not fair! I can't choose one! But... I think I can say two: Supergirl and Enchantress. Supergirl gave me the most amazing memories I have cosplaying. It's a cosplay that I wear and I can only smile with it. It's a strong character with a long story and a big heart. And, as she, I came to Spain from far, far away (Argentina). Maybe that's why I feel very comfortable with it.

About Enchantress, it's strange. I don't know if it's because of the make-up, if it's the fact of being barefoot, or what, but I feel like I became another person. It's the most natural acting I did, and I'm very excited every time I have to wear it. Maybe in another life I was a terrible witch?

Twitter: @FlorenciaSofen
Facebook: @FlorenciaSofenCosplay


Please, add me and talk to me! I'm glad of meeting you, and thanks for every minute you give me to know more about you! ♥

Florencia Sofen, Wonder Woman


Florencia sent three photos with her submission to be a Critical Blast Bombshell of the Month. We couldn't live with ourselves if we didn't share with you her interpretation of Marvel's Jane Foster Thor. Enjoy!

Florencia Sofen as Thor

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