The Heirs Drop Newest Single, Suburban Wonderland

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The Heirs

Los Angeles-based indie pop band, The Heirs, debuted their highly anticipated single and music video for “Suburban Wonderland” on July 14th, 2017, available worldwide.

Comprised of Savannah Hudson (vocals), Brandon Hudson (vocals, guitar), Alex Flagstad (guitar), Eian McNeely (bass/keys) and Brennan Benko (drums), The Heirs make their presence known within the indie-pop genre, taking a seat right beside great bands like Walk the Moon and The XX. By effortlessly crafting tracks steeped in a blend of ‘70s glam rock, ‘80s new wave and post-‘90s synth-pop, The Heirs possess a sound with an undeniably cool edge. Signed under industry leader Steve Zap, founder of Z-Entertainment (Aaron Carter, Daya), and RED MUSIC, a division of Sony Music, The Heirs have put together a great and passionate team.   This collaboration already garnered excellent media support and attention from publications such as Billboard, Teen Vogue, MTV News, Alternative Press, all clamoring that “The Heirs are set to dominate the indie-pop world.” – Paste Magazine




Currently, “Suburban Wonderland” marks their first release prior to the upcoming EP, slated for release later this year.



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