SIRENA - "Stealing Your Heart and a Whole Lot of Soul"

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That's not just the tagline of their latest album, "Of a Sister Sky", it's a reality. Like waves on a shore, SIRENA brings music and theater crashing together, creating a majestical performance that would make Poseidon proud.
Together, Amanda Ellis, Sam Nolte, and Tegan Elliott Cast Off to bring their talents to the stage and studio once again.
Even though they took a hiatus, fans can rest easy that the sirens aren't ready for their swan song yet. The time away from their popular show seems to have brought them Much Closer. Their friendship shines in their smiles and their love for each other is expressed in their closeness. When asked what brought them back together, Tegan immediately pulled Sam and Amanda in for a warm embrace, "These ladies", she said with a smile.
"I don't think we could have ever stayed apart," Amanda said, "We love each other, we really do." While individually, they each possess a physical and spiritual beauty, befitting of an Ocean Flower, but their talents flourish together.
Sam said that their fans have expressed concern that maybe there was internal conflict, "A lot of people ask, 'oh, is everything okay?' The friendship part would've been the last reason we would've ever taken a hiatus." She reassured, but then went on to say why the break was necessary, "We had been working so hard for four years on the show, producing albums... touring."
The girls submerged themselves in their work to perfect their craft, and their efforts show in their costumes and set pieces, which they designed and made themselves. But in order to avoid drowning in it all, it was vital for them to come up for air. Amanda noted, "Artistically, sometimes you just need a break."
And it worked because, as Sam stated, "We came back even stronger."
The hiatus allowed them to dive deeper into song writing, "We had a surplus of music for this album," noted Tegan, "we had to cut songs from this album so we could get it done." Their latest release, "Of a Sister Sky" gives Rise to 12 songs. It's hard to fathom that they have even more, unreleased, material drifting about in their treasure cove.
Many stage acts on the Renaissance circuit travel from state-to-state and SIRENA is no stranger to the routine. And with their run in Sterling, NY ending the weekend of August 13th, many people want to know where the tide will bring them next.
As Amanda prepares to resume pre-school, Tegan and her 'knife throwing' husband will take his show to Maryland, and Sam looks to head back home to take another act on the road to Maryland. As for SIRENA, "Everything is sort of up in the air at the moment," Tegan said, "we're open to a lot of different things, but nothing is settled." She recommends following them on Facebook and their website for updates on where they'll perform next as their schedule remains fluid.
They are working on a 'one night only' event for fans in Wisconsin affectionately dubbed as, 'Wisconcert'. In order to ensure they can make the trip from NY and back in time to fulfill their obligation to Sterling, they hope to sell out of tickets. Fans in attendance will receive a copy of their new album and can purchase tickets here.
When I brought up their new CD "Of a Sister Sky" the ladies of Sirena got very excited. You can see the love and passion for their music reflecting off their smiles, like the sun on a settled sea.
Typically, their music deals with the darkness that comes with having lost their souls, while seeking to steal yours in exchange for overcoming lost love. This time around, Sam says, "This album in particular we, I feel like we came with a lighter end of it."
Amanda said they really worked more in unison to write and produce these songs, than they have in the past and, "We found our voice a little bit more in this album."
You can ride the wave of our entire conversation, which took place in a shady nook at the Sterling Renaissance Faire in Upstate, NY. You can hear more about their costumes, who does their makeup, and why using barrels as drums is a bad idea. As an added bonus, SIRENA was gracious enough to treat us to an exclusive preview of their new album, "Of a Sister Sky", as they perform an original song, "Dare Ye Cry Mercy" at the 8:30 mark.

OF A SISTER SKY (song list):
  • Ocean Flower
  • Cast Off (Take Me Away)
  • Song Of the Lonely
  • Much Closer
  • Mena Kujeh
  • Take Me Home
  • Dare Ye Cry Mercy
  • Rise (Feat. Martha Gray)
  • The Hollow Woman
  • Awake
  • If I Had a Heart ("Vikings" theme by Fever Ray)
  • Scarborough Faire (2015 Version)

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