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Started streaming 10 minutes ago

Road Rash was one of my favorite Sega games and I downloaded it straight from Sega Channel all the time as a kid. The Road Rash series is a collection of combat-racing games that uses 3D-based environments that test your driving abilities as well as your skills at fending off other racers. 

This is the first stream of my new series that explores the Sega games I played as a kid. Join me in chat as I share my memories of these classic games and the service that allowed me to download them!

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Every 1st and 3rd Thursdays (7/3 & 7/17) I will be streaming classic Sega Genesis games from 8pm-10pm here on Gamejab. 

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Road Rash (Sega Genesis) - "No speed limit? No rules? No problem. Blow 14 opponents off the backroads of California in the most illegal, unofficial and dangerous race there is."