Lucifer Heats Things Up with Second Season on Blu-ray and DVD

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Lucifer Season 2

Mom's back, and there's going to be Hell to pay.

The second season of LUCIFER kicks off with the news that the nameless Goddess of Creation has escaped Hell where God cast her, and is making her way to Earth as soon as she can find a freshly dead body to reanimate and occupy. She finds it in the form of high-profile defense attorney Charlotte Richards (TRICIA HELFER, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA), and quickly sets about to finding her children, Lucifer (TOM ELLIS) and Amenadiel (DB WOODSIDE) so that she can bring them into her plan of everyone going back home to Heaven.

She's assuming, of course, that Lucifer even wants to return--which he doesn't. As he elaborates to his therapist (yes, the Devil has a therapist), Dr. Linda Martin (RACHAEL HARRIS), he has quite the grudge against his Heavenly Father. Dr. Martin continues to think that Lucifer Morningstar is still hiding behind allegory and a pretentious identity, but in this season he takes the step forward (at her urging) to be honest with her, and reveals to her his true face. From that point on, it's almost as if she becomes the patient, having been shocked into the realization that celestial and spiritual forces actually do exist and that she has a role to play among them as she gets continued visits from Lucifer, his mother, his brother Amenadiel, and Lucifer's favorite demon torturer, Mazikeen (LESLEY-ANN BRANDT).

Of course, the nut of the show is that Lucifer is the owner of a nightclub called Lux, and serves as a special civilian consultant for the Los Angeles Police Department because of his unique methods of interrogation and getting information. He's somewhat of a Patrick Jane from THE MENTALIST in that sense. Naturally Lucifer's partner, Detective Chloe Decker (LAUREN GERMAN) has no idea he's using supernatural means, because she doesn't believe he's the literal devil either. The fact that Lucifer discovers that whenever Detective Decker is around he's suddenly mortally vulnerable doesn't make it any easier on him, either. In fact, that proximity mortality is another mystery that gets cleared up this season, when Amenadiel accidentally bumps into Chloe's mother (REBECCA DE MORNAY) and recognizes her from a meeting he was sent on by his Father thirty years ago.

Contributing to the cast in their own unique ways are Detective Dan Espinoza (KEVIN ALEJANDRO), Chloe's co-worker and ex-husband, their preteen daughter Trixie (SCARLETT ESTEVEZ), and a newly introduced (and very welcome) cast member, forensic scientist Ella Lopez (AIMEE GARCIA, THE GEORGE LOPEZ SHOW).

LUCIFER turns out to be a deliciously subversive series that presents a sympathetic devil -- one who has gotten tired of ruling Hell and has chucked it (along with his wings) to walk among the mortals and do what he's good at: doling out punishment. Based (loosely) on the Neil Gaiman version of the character spun out from SANDMAN into his own titular comic book series, this police procedural mixed with metaphysical pseudotheology is, simply put, one hell of a hoot.

The Complete Second Season

01. Everything's Coming Up Lucifer
02. Liar, LIar, Slutty Dress on Fire
03. Sin-Eater
04. Lady Parts
05. The Weaponizer
06. Monster
Special Feature:
- Lucifer: 2016 Comic-Con Panel
07. My Little Monkey
08. Trip to Stabby Town
09. Homewrecker
10. Quid Pro Ho
11. Stewardess Interruptus
12. Love Handles
13. A Good Day to Die
14. Candy Morningstar
15. Deceptive Little Parasite
16. God Johnson
17. Sympathy for the Goddess
18. The Good, the Bad and the Crispy
Special Features:
- Reinventing Lucifer: In the City of Angels
- Gag Reel


5.0 / 5.0