Game Jab Live! CUPHEAD

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Game Jab Isn't Dead! WE LIVE!




Game Jab hasn't died! Zach has decided to take on the Cuphead challenge and is either very determined or very insane for putting himself through this madness. 

For those who don't know what Cuphead is, it is a game influeanced and stylaized to the old school cartyoons back in the black and white days when everything had style and class but Micky Mouse and Betty Boop ain't got nothing on Cuphead. This game is HARD yet amazing cause it's addicting but the fact it is all hand drawn and loaded with familliar Artsyles and classic music just adds onto the experiance.

So what is Cuphead? Well it's really just a basic running platformer with a lot of shooting, dodging and loaded with boss battles and this game will make you mad! 

I have seriously been waiting on this game for so long back when the Xbox One was announced and it was worth the wait. You can download Cuphead on Xbox One and maybe Xbox One S for $19.99 or if console just isn't your thing then you can purchase it on Steam as well.

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